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They will need more rope: Valerie Jarett was the one who ordered the Stand Down command during Benghazi

Who best can answer the three am phone call? Certainly not Obamination! Those involved should be hung serially, with a single noose, to save expense.

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312More people will be going down on the Benghazi debacle, among them we find that Obama’s chief of staff will now be a principal.

Is no vetting done for those who work in the White House, directly with Obama?  Apparently not.

Jarett’s parents and grand parents were avowed communists, she was a street hustler and community organizer like Obama in Chicago and ran his campaign there.

Valerie-JarretteAccording to FBI files she still has deep roots within the Muslim Brotherhood.

For Jarett or any member of the administration to have given the stand down order directly suggests they knew the charade would be over soon.

If not now did they not know it would last for a week or more and request every military available to come to their aid.

Sand down?  charade, of course, but this time they left four people to dies as well as others injured.


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