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The ‘Iran Deal’ Was Not Signed by Iran or Anyone Else

Its a Goddamned FRAUD. It must be rejected!!!

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crew-22312To say the least, Representative Pompeo’s comments shed a completely new understanding on the Iranian Nuke deal that apparently never was.

This is the sort of things the U.S. should expect to happen when it sends unqualified beings like John Kerry to negotiate with the largest support and provider of global terrorism and equipment in the world. 


What next for Kerry?  A casting call for the “Star Wars” bar scene.

Neither Iran nor any other party has signed the ‘Iran Deal.’ That means there is no formal agreement. That means nothing bars Iran’s race to nuclear weapons.
A visit to old sparky would work equally well, insuring we would never see or hear from him again.
The Jewish Press

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS-04)

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS-04)
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The Nuclear Iran Deal that is at the epicenter of a Congressional battle and the focus…

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Obama gets caught trying to tell the truth sorta, o.k. not really

When Pat Condell says “religion”, hear “Islam” instead then what he says would be correct.

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crew-22312By Jim Campbell.

Need a great laugh?  Look no further.

Please watch to the very end. 


Unlike Obama’s other nonsense this has been cut with the reader’s interest in mind.

Despite what Obama and his Marxist cabal would have us believe, Obama was schooled in Indonesia, he speaks Arabic, and has always put the needs of the Muslims here and abroad ahead of America.

There is absolutely no evidence Obama is not still a Muslim. 

If the reader can find it in a credible source, I’ll  publish it.


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