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My Thoughts on CNN GOP Debate

This candidate baiting deserves a second look. I am giving it a second listen. Senator Cruz was and remains my choice. I particularly liked his response to the judicial nomination issue. Unfortunately, he did not get many questions and was shorted on time.

There was too much cross talk and too many interruptions. The format is abominable. We need traditional forensic debates on single issues.

Trump appeased politicians with $$$ for busness. That turns me off. He also abused eminent domain. He does not know enough about Isdamn.

Fiorina praised Isdamn in a speech a few weeks after the accursed abomination. Her firm sold printers to Iran in contravention of the law.

I liked Carson, but his answers about Afghanistan and Iraq turn me off as much as Paul’s.

They don’t seem to get it. Its Islam, Stupid! Nothing radical about it and terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. Our ROE are suicidal and need to be jettisoned. Invasion of Dar Ul-Islam is a damned fool’s errand. Old Harry showed us how to do it in August of 1945. Shudda nuked Tora Bora while bin Laden was there with his inner circle.

Christie performed better this time, but he still smells like a crook and he appointed a Muslim to a state court. His condemnation of critics of Isdamn turns me off. No way!

Rubio and Bush are establishment types, open borders and amnesty turn me off. No way!

No Conservative President can get his appointments through without a Conservative super majority in the Senate. It is necessary to nationalize the election by writing a new contract with America and naming VP and cabinet picks early in the p;rocess. Then he must name a full Conservative slate for the house and senate.

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VIDEO: Carly Fiorina Response to Planned Parenthood on CNN Debate | The Blaze

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Published on Sep 16, 2015

John R. Houk

© September 17, 2015

I DVRed the CNN GOP debate and watched it this morning. Upon my quick perusal online and on Cable News shows I got the feeling political pundits are giving Carly Fiorina the top spot and that the Dems are calling the debate a farce. Frankly I could care less what Dems think because in all probability the Dems won’t be involved in GOP Primaries and Caucuses. (Although the Dems have a reputation for registering the likes of Mickey Mouse, dead Uncle Joe, dead Aunt Jane, non-citizen/non-registered Illegal Aliens and so forth.)

Here is the order I felt debate winners should have went:

1) Carly Fiorina

2) John Kasich

3) Marco Rubio

4) Mike Huckabee

5) Donald Trump

6) Chris Christie

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