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Leading up to Clare Lopez on Iran Nuke Deal

34 AssWholes are lined up to protect the veto in the Senate. You must let them know that their vote is linked to your vote in the next primary and general elections.

When you sign this petition, send it to Congress. All you need to know is your zip code.
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Clare Lopez and evil POTUS

John R. Houk

© September 6, 2015

Tom Trento of The United West sent a roughly ten minute video link of Clare Lopez explaining the reason why the Obama-Kerry Iran Nuke deal will be disastrous for the United States of America. This is a very important video to watch! As an American voter of the Left or Right you will gain an understanding of the reason this deal is an act of lunacy for America’s part AND a deal of brilliance for Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the continued financial support for Iran’s Islamic terrorist clients.

In order to add some credibility to Ms. Lopez you should know some of her background:

You’ll never meet a nicer person than Clare Lopez and she is stunningly brilliant. She’s also honest to a fault and extremely ethical. I agree with her, Obama has actively allowed the infiltration…

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