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Compendium of Quotes about Islam

See to it, by God, that you read every paragraph of this most excellent and important post. Take it to heart and heed it. Share it with your ignorant family and friends. Herein is vitally important knowledge and wisdom.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

This is a collected series of quotes from Counterjihadists, Muslims and historical figures which demonstrate the dangers of the theopolitical ideology known as Islam.

This was put together by pseudonymous Civilization Jihad Awareness and posted on the Google+ Group Americans Against Jihad as well as the anonymous person’s Google+ page.

JRH 9/2/15

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Compendium of Quotes about Islam

Gathered by Civilization Jihad Awareness

August 31, 2015 6:17 AM and 6:07 AM

Found on Google + Group – Americans against Jihad

Quotes about Islam

My Fellow Kafirs

This is a massive compendium of quotes I’ve been able to gather about Islam. (Be advised, it is a lengthy read.) I have gathered quotes from Muslims, ex-Muslims, Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, historians, scholars, authors, writers, journalists, activists, and all manner of famous public figures. I think this is enough to convince even the most closed minded and brainwashed Islamopologist to…

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