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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

A Guide to Obama’s All-Terrorist Anti-ISIS Alliance

Coalition my arse. Muslims are enemies, neither friends, partners nor allies. The fact that two Muslims war on each other does not make either of them our friend, partner or ally.

Obamination deserves a dunce cap, noose and Dupont Enema, not a Nobel Prize.

crew-22312Most of the coalition is at war with the rest of the coalition making it a pretty terrible coalition.

It just all seems to make perfect sense doesn’t it? 🙂

video-3759042111001-292_636x358Indeed it is and the only good thing that can be said about it is that they kill thousands of their own in the process.

So much for the “Religion of Peace,” when factually it’s the “Cult of the dead or soon to be so.”

obama_netanyahu_whitehouseIsrael’s Prime Minister Netanyahu looks at “Sparky,” with complete incredulity.

Obama’s Iraq-Syria policy featured two withdrawals, a return, an attempt at bombing Syria followed by an alliance with Syria. And it’s only gotten stranger from there.

Here’s a brief guide

1. Obama Inc. boasted of being able to carry out air strikes against ISIS from Turkey.

The problem is that Turkey is also an ally of ISIS.

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