Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat


BeeJeesuss!!! This one tells it as it is!!! Read it, curse Obamination and tell your Representative & Senators to kill the damn deal.

crew-22312Clearly this writer is not a member of Obama and Kerry’s marching band.

If you failed to catch this the first time I’ve decided to post it again

Iran outrageous nuke deal and the Dem regime’s anti-American agenda.  

Unabashedly calling TRAITORS what they are…

As traitors during time of war they must be dealt with harshly, prison for life with no chance of presidential clemency or pardon, or a rope would work just fine for both of these miscreants.



Front Page Magazine

Daniel Greenfield

AKA Sultan Knish

We have met the enemy and he is in the White HouseJuly 14, 2015 Daniel Greenfield.

Terms-of-Surrender-e1436199574367 The last time a feeble leader of a fading nation came bearing “Peace in our time,” a pugnacious controversial right-winger retorted,

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor.

You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”

That right-winger went on to lead the…

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