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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Dick Cheney torches Iran deal: ‘What the hell is Obama thinking?’

crew-22312Obama’s latest illegal entanglement with Iran, the worlds largest supporter of terrorism and weapons of terror is another clear demonstration of whose side Obama is on. images-4No big shocker, Obama has admitted it.

He’s not an American and he detests America erroneously for being colonialists.

Perhaps the fool my site examples or America’s colonial activity in recent years.

WWI and WWII, no, we rebuilt both countries and now they are allies and trading partners.

Korea, no once again an independent South Korea is an economic power house.

Vietnam, no.  They too are trading partners after the killing spree of Pol Pot the mass murderer.

The Middle east specifically Iraq?

No again, instead of ceasing their oil as reparations for our cost in waging war, the U.S. purchased Iraq’s oil on the open market at going market pricing. 


It clearly isn’t the side of the United States, to whom it took…

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