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Military Action Needed to Save Christians under Muslim Domination

There will be no such military action, for two reasons: first, the US and European governments are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Second, gathering and dispatching a private mercenary force can and would be prosecuted by law.

This is not a member of the set of soluble problems. The cause was lost when the Crusades, colonization and two world wars failed even to attempt to eradicate Islam. The fate of indigenous Christians was sealed by the election of series of traitors beholden to Saudi oil wealth.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk

© June 16, 2015

An Iraq government set up by America has no value to its own citizens and certainly no value for continued American support. In fact to keep throwing money into this Iraq government is undoubtedly harming both American National Interests and National Security.

Can we expect President Barack Hussein Obama to retool American diplomatic and military strategy that is a both advantageous to our National Interests and put an end to Islamic execution of a Christian genocide in old Iraq and Syria and the rest of the Muslim dominated world for that matter?


President BHO’s foreign policy strategy of appeasement at all costs has proven to be as ineffective as the 1938 Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain “Peace in our timeMunich Agreement (Also See HERE, HERE and HERE) was with Adolf Hitler. Roughly seven years after the Munich…

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