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“her poisonous ideology” : liberty & equality; toxic only to supremacists and tyrants. Now we know what Eshman is.

Geller is not a crossing guard, she is the watchman on the wall warning of encroaching danger. While those who sympathize with the enemy and the deluded fools who deny the existence of danger are offended by her warning, they are not the object of the free speech clause; the government is. “Congress shall make no law”… Congress and the President are not aallowed to stifle political expression they don’t like. King George could slam political opponents into the dungeon. Our founders wisely protected us against that sort of tyranny.

“constructing a situation that would incite violence? ” An art exhibit and cartoon drawing contest do not incite violence unless the content of the art is designed to motivate the viewer to engage in violent acts. Violence is incited by Islamic law, which requires that Muslims kill anyone who insults the Profit. See Reliance o8.0–7 & o11.10 and Ash-Shifa 725. Violence is incited in the mosques and on Islamic web sites & social media posts.

At Garland, Geert Wilders said “Islam is evil”. He spoke the truth. He could not, in the short space of twenty minutes, provide the details. Readers of Freedom Ain’t Free can see the most important details by clicking on “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?” in the top frame.

When you read Ash-Shifa, you will learn tht Moe ordered hits on poets who criticized him. You will learn about the murders of Kab Ashraf, Asma bint Marwan and Umm Qirfa. The assassin pulled Asmas baby from her breast to insert his sword. They tore Umm Qirfa apart with camels and ropes. That’s what Islam is; what Muslims do. We have a right and duty to tell you about it. You are free to listen or go back to sleep.

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Rob Eshman

Rob Eshman
Ari and Norma focus this editorial essay on Rob Eshman, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TRIBE Media. TRIBE media owns the largest Jewish circulated English Weekly The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. The “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel” duo write about Rob Eshman because of a recent unfavorable editorial written by him in the Jewish Journal concerning Pamela Geller’s Mohammed Cartoon Contest and subsequent attack by radicalized Muslim Americans Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi at Garland TX event. Here is a short journalistic profile of Mr. Eshman:
Rob Eshman is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TRIBE Media, a niche multimedia company based in Los Angeles.
Rob started his career as a staff writer at The Jewish Journal in 1993, when it was a small community paper.
In 2009, Eshman founded TRIBE Media Corp, reimagining the community paper for the future. Tribe Media Corp…

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