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That was a screwup, containing egregious errors of fact and internally contradictory. The author introduced errors about divorce, Shari’ah, Jizya & Jihad.

Schools generally want teachers to stick to the curiculum and frown on teachers creating their own material. In today’s PC climate, that sort of handout is suicidal.

At minimum, it should have been documented, with footnotes and a bibliography.

Teachers who want to end their careers immediately, leaving their students with accurate information about Islam should Google “scribd + Kab Ashraf”, print and pass out some of the 29 files they will find there. Better yet, burn them onto CDs and pass them out so that the students will have the benefit of the links which document the quotes.

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Islam in action toon

John R. Houk
© April 11, 2015
A Houston TX area High School teacher compiled an eight page handout for class entitled: “Economics/Government: Islam/Radical Islam (Did You Know)” Evidently the Foster High School teacher teaches in a School District in which a number of Multiculturalist Liberals and Muslims reside. Local news stations in the area ran pieces on the handout and the news was quite vindictive that a teacher would dare to go off the School District curriculum to teach the truth about the dark side of Islam. The Foster High School Principal even is quoted by the local news stations that the proper disciplinarian punishment will be executed against this rebel teacher.
One thing that is glaringly noticeable is the School District does release the school teacher’s name. The news programs that caught this story also did not release the teacher’s name. BUT after much Google searching…

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