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REPORT w/ Updates: Iran Nuclear Talks Reach DEAL – Iran, Germany, France U.S. Press Conference Anticipated Soon….

Here is another excellent read. It includes the first report of the contents of the agreement.

The Silent Soldier

dApril 2, 2015

The Last Refuge:

Agreement leak = Two-Thirds of Iran’s Nuclear Program will be suspended for 10 years with “monitoring”.   update-1  Wow, based on Zarif’s statements Iran got everything they wanted and the U.S. and allies got a bunch of promises.  This is incredible one-sided victory for Iran.

update-1Update: From a VERY HAPPY Minister Zarif statement.

•  Iran keeps Frodo underground facility and will build centrifuges within it – but will not activate them.
•  Iran will continue nuclear enrichment in other facilities.
•  Iran will be allowed to develop more heavy water facilities.
•  ALL UN and U.S. Sanctions will be lifted.
•  UN sanctions lifted immediately.
•  U.S. as soon as legally possible.
•  Iran promises to wait 10 years until it builds a nuclear bomb.

Iran 2

Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal 4-2-15

Via Associated Press – LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) —…

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