Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

WATCH: Giuliani Destroys Obama in Epic Speech: Netanyahu Is ‘A Man Who Fights for His People, Unlike Our President’

Its Islam, Stupid. Obamination is a Muslim, one of them, not one of us. Name and shame the enemy: Muslims. Name and shame the enemy threat doctrine: Islam.

Islam is what it is; neither radical nor extreme: perpetual conquest engaged in terrorism.
Islam is not misused, twisted, distorted nor perverted. Islam was designed for the purpose to which it is applied: accrual of wealth and power through conquest.

They are not insane, they are Muslims who believe that, by starting Armagedon, they will bring about the return of the 12th Imam, who will conquer the world.

Iran must not be allowed to have any weapons. Iran must not be allowed to exist. Nuke it off the face of the earth if you love peace and liberty.

“Moderate Muslims” is a lie told by LibTurds. Islam is not moderate, it is mercenary and martial. Allah tests Muslims by putting them in combat. Those who refuse to join the Jihad are regarded as hypocrites, on the verge of apostasy. Muslims who genuinely oppose conquest and terror owe it to themselves to apostatize and break all ties to the war cult.

MEK are Muslims and terrorists. They plant bombs in Iran & Turkey in a dispute over who should rule, not how they should rule; of form, not content. The various Muslim schisms and factions are rivals for power, neither friends nor allies of ours. Allah expressly forbade equal and inferior relationships with infidels.

Where there is Islam, there is no freedfom; no democracy and no equality for women. Islam is slavery to Allah. Only Allah has the rights to be worshiped, legislate and govern. Muslims are obligated to eliminate all unIslamic governments and replace them with a caliphate: Islamic theocracy.

Congress has no balls. Congress is spineless. Congress will do nothing effective under the ‘leadership’ of Boehner & McConnel. Abadon that hope.

Nuclear access is irreversible. Once Iran combines a warhead and a delivery system, it will use them. Prevention is the only hope. Anihilation is he only way. Israel is the last resort.

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