Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Brigitte Gabriel Gives EPIC Answer to Muslim Woman

* Camel Excrement:
o radical Islam
o moderate Islam
o extremist
o Islamofascist
o radical Muslim
o moderate Muslim
* Islam
o as Moe preached and practiced it’
o as interpreted by Islamic jurists
+ jihad
# ordained for Muslims
# continuous from 623 to the last day
# offensive
# aggressive
* on Islamic initiative
* against people of the book
* against pagans
# mandatory, not optional
# minimum of one attack in every year
# against nearest enemies first
# communal obligation binding on the Ummah collectively
# genocidal
# terrorist
# ostensibly for:
* Allah’s good pleasure
* propagating Islam
* establishing Islam
# actually for:
* plunder
* Muslims:
o believers:
+ fight in Allah’s cause
# to make Islam dominate the world
+ kill others and are killed
+ go to Paradise provided they are not in debt
o hypocrite:
+ in whose hearts there is a disease
+ prefer this world to Paradise
+ value their lives over Moe
+ prefer home and family to glory of war
+ lag at home during ghazwat
+ turn back from Islam
+ to be defeated and gathered into Hell with us.

Regardless of mercenary motivation, Gabriel, Pipes, Gaffney, Spencer and other “experts” tell part of the story and wait for listeners and readers to draw accurate conclusions.

If those “experts ” would declare the fatal fact that Islam must be exterminated to free the world from the scourge of genocidal Jihad terrorism, they’d be derided as “racists” and “bigots”. The unjustified criticism would shut them down.

If you want to know how I know what I outlined above, begin here: read the whole thing; follow every link, read the sources in context and look for patterns. When you finish that, do the same with the annotations of Hedaya 2.140 & 2.141 to see clear statements of the related Islamic law.


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