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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Malik Shabazz Gives New Year’s Resolution for 2015 to New Black Panthers: “Time to Build up that Army” & “Go to the Gun Range”

Sure. the persons named in the article are abd in the worst sense of the word as expressed by Ibn Khaldun in Muquaddima: they are fit only for slavery. But this is not about their skin pigment, its about the idea set that drives them.

Their seditious urge toward race war, genocide & conquest and their playing of the counterfeit victim card are hallmarks of their common slave master: Allah and his perpetual conquest cult.

The seditious speech and the inclination of members of the ummah to respond positively to it stand out as primary reasons for revoking the citizenship of all Muslims, exiling them and excluding them from entry to the nations of western civilization.

How many funerals must we endure before we wise up and flush the excrement??

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