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Antisemitic or Mocking Boycotters of Israel?

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Pal Propaganda Debunked

Edited by John R. Houk
December 12, 2014
Ari Bussel sent me CC email to me that had sent to an individual who wanted Ari’s thoughts to a news story entitled “In tense West Bank city, she secretly meets Israelis to talk peace”. The article is about an Arab (those people who made up the non-existent Palestinian people) young lady that muses on why don’t those brutal Israelis and those occupied Palestinians just get along and coexist. The title of this post is by the Editor for Ari sent with the subject line “Re: Please read.
Here is the email that Ari felt compelled to respond to (and I do like that response):
On Dec 11, 2014, at 12:26 PM, Pablo1944 wrote:

Hello all
I have no idea if this article is anti-Semitic or is it making mockery of the Boycotters.
Answers will be…

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Dems Betraying America – It will be Stopped One Way or Another

While I acknowledge the validity of the pessimism expressed in the citations below, I absolutely reject suggestions of military coups & violent revolutions. The officer corps has been purged of patriots and the armed forces have superior organization and fire power. Abandon those damn fool dreams entirely.
Barry Morris Goldwater was nominated in ’64 because the party base recognized the truth and intrinsic merit of his platform. He won in the face of total opposition from the establishment. He lost the general election because the party establishment abandoned him.

Ronald Reagan was nominated and won because the electorate recognized the truth and intrinsic merit of his platform and the ‘crats renominated an accursed traitor who hurt this nation immensely. The nomination of George H.W. Bush was a fatal flaw, an abandonment of principle in favor of expediency. We must learn from that error so that we never repeat it.

If it is not too late, it soon will be. Discover the election schedule and run a full slate of Conservatives for GOP precinct delegates. Run a Conservative slate for delegates to the state convention. Nominate Conservatives to the RNC and retake control of the party.
Pick one principled, articulate, aggressive Conservative such as Ted Cruz and back him to the hilt. Organize and motivate voters in the early primaries and caucuses. Tell the nattering nabobs of negativism who preach lifting the ‘crat’s tail and inserting our tongues to go to Hell and be damned. Plug your ears to the siren song of “the only one who can win”.

The prospective nominee must build an organization capable of selecting able minded and willing Conservative nominees for all open House & Senate seats and build a Conservative slate. Every RINO who voted for cloture on Obama Don’t Care and other damaging acts of Obamination must have principled, articulate and aggressive primary opposition.
Learn the forgotten lesson of ’80: victory is not absolute and final. Every election cycle must be hotly contested. RINOs & LibTurds must be replaced with Conservatives. Conservative principles must be clearly expressed and successfully marketed. Balkanization & identity politics must be rejected. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance: we can never go back to sleep.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

BHO Lying to America - Yes he can

Pieces of Silver

Years ago I wrote that there would never be another like Reagan. I grow more certain of that fact with each passing day, even though Cruz seems to have the same vision that Reagan once had. However, in this day and age Senator Cruz is the odd man out. The problem is that prior to Reagan the Progressives had been slowly changing our laws, taking over a little at a time then Reagan rocked the boat, and put America back on course. Years ago I wrote that the Progressives would never allow this to happen again. Today I am more convinced than then that I was correct.

Ronald Reagan was a man with a dream and he largely fulfilled that dream to the benefit of the American public, but he did not get into office without help from the leaders of the Republican Party. He did not choose George H.W…

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Culture Assimilation Matters – Ask Geert

Illegan immigration is a complex issue. Some of the Latinos come or are sent for the purpose of demographic conquest. Some are criminals. Others seek to grab the brass ring.
Those politicians who welcome the wet backs lust after their votes, illegally cast.

Yes, there are law enforcement, cultural, social, linguistic and economic probems as well as political. But the hole which admits rats also admits mice. People other than Mexicans are crossing the border, many with malicious intent. Those must be stopped.
Western Europe has a problem with both legal and illegal immigrants of the Islamic persuasion. They are bleeding Europe dry through the welfare state and raising Hell in the streets. Europe has a very complex problem on a major scale, likely insoluble. But two Dutch MPs are sounding the alarm. John tells you about one, Bare Naked Islam will show you another. Turn the sound off and read the sub titles.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Red-BHO- Change U Will Feel

The colonial economic system, based on raw materials rather than industry, encouraged concentration of land and other forms of wealth in a few hands. The church with its vast properties, monopoly on education and welfare agencies, and command over cultural life complicated the politics of every new nation.

In addition, the new states were cursed by problems associated with the wars of independence. Some of the most productive areas were devastated. Hatred and division remained. Many men who had fought the royalists remained armed, predisposed to a life of violence and pillage and likely to group themselves about the caudillos, who promised adventure or profit in revolutions.


Despite its promising beginning in 1821, Mexico suffered a …

Geert Wilders 3-2014 speech- 'Do you want more or fewer Moroccans'

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Human Rights Denied in the Name of Human Rights

Maintain the first amendment, don’t let this happen here!!! Free and open discussion of public affairs is a necessary underpinning of a republican form of government by elected representatives. We must be free to ask and answer these crucial questions: Does Islam pose an existential threat? Is terrorism an intrinsic, inseverable function of Islam? Is Shari’ah compatible with the constitution? .

The NeoConservative Christian Right

HRC on Free Speech Punishment

Joan Wiggins - PC vs Pro-Human Rights promo

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Obama Threatens to Punish Israel for …

Exactly where in the world can Jews reside without being threatened? Why not in their own homeland? Jerusalem was and now is the capital of Israel. Muslims never made it a national or provincial capital. Jordan illegally seized half the city in ’48 and lost it when they attcked Israel again in ’67. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and of right must continue under her soverignty.

There is no good reason why any part of Israel should be Judenrein. Israel must tell Obamination to go to Hell.

Israel, like America, needs to elect new, intelligent, articulate, Conservative, courageous leadership who will unflinchingly stand up to evil, name it, shame it and, if necessary, use every available weapon to eradicate it.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Barack Hussein Obama - Rogue Prez

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If Muslims Can Express Free Speech Rhetoric, so Can Christians

Barring radical change, Masada 2000 contains disturbing images of sorts commonly held to be offensive. Reader discretion advised if you seek to go there.

Do not lose sight of the fact that ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG contain provisions which would, if enforced, proscribe Islam by law because of the content of its canonical texts which deny human rights to kuffar, incite violence, promote war & genocide.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

MB-Hamas terrori network USA

John R. Houk
© December 6, 2014
Muslim terrorists have infiltrated American Universities. These sly devils don’t openly practice Islamic terrorism on American soil (anyway, not yet). Rather via Professors and university student activists they foment the Jew-hatred and Christian-hatred inherent in the Quran. A part of this hatred is to propagandize Muslim students and idiotic Left leaning students that America is the great satan and that Israel is the little satan.
The propaganda comes from foreign sources pulling the strings to undermine the USA. Those foreign agents of propaganda originate from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt and the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas.
The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to establish a global caliphate reminiscent in power of the bloody ruthless days of conquest that brought the initial cancer to spread across the world that began to metastasize in the early 600s AD (that’s right Anno Domini…

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