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Rotten core, open borders, alien amnesty, tax & spend and refusal to recognize Islam as an existential enemy disqualify RINOS. I will not vote for Jeb bush, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Rubio, Perry, Romney or Christie. Hunstsman and his ilk can go to Hell.
Conservatives must either take back the GOP or start a new party. Neither will be easy. Given a choice between slavery in chains or yokes, I choose liberty and reject slavery.

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RINO Alert

John R. Houk
© December 17, 2014
The Republican Establishment is beginning to slowly suggest their preferred candidates for the nomination of President for the November 2016 cycle. Honestly (and probably to the chagrin of Lefties) the only news I watch on TV is Fox News. And that network’s subliminal suggestions have been Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. Both former Governors but both with long elements of Left Wing compromises.
I was extremely dissatisfied with the GOP nominating Romney for 2012. I did vote for him; however it was a between a rock-and-a-hard-place vote. I was any person but Obama voter. Romney has been indicating some stealth hints considering a 2016 run. God Forbid!
If the Republican Establishment succeeds in re-nominating for the 2016 election cycle, I am NOT voting for him. Neither will I vote for any Democrat. I will be voting for a Third Party…

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