Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Video: Pakistani Mullah for Charity: ‘We are the nation that drinks blood and Christian blood tastes sweet’

Since our elected leadership lacks the political will to irradiate the cancer, as should have been done immediately following the accursed abomination, we have no recourse but to attack Isdamn at its weakest link.

The rabid rabble rousing vampire exposed that weak point by praying for strengthened faith. Iman is their weak point. Hammer it. pound it, twist, torque and crush it. We can only drop the fact bomb, so lets do it early and often.

Moe, damnation be upon him, was a demon possessed mad man whose deity was Satan. Muslims are devil worshipers ‘cuz their Profit was. Here is the fact bomb: use it frequently!!


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