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Culture Assimilation Matters – Ask Geert

Illegan immigration is a complex issue. Some of the Latinos come or are sent for the purpose of demographic conquest. Some are criminals. Others seek to grab the brass ring.
Those politicians who welcome the wet backs lust after their votes, illegally cast.

Yes, there are law enforcement, cultural, social, linguistic and economic probems as well as political. But the hole which admits rats also admits mice. People other than Mexicans are crossing the border, many with malicious intent. Those must be stopped.
Western Europe has a problem with both legal and illegal immigrants of the Islamic persuasion. They are bleeding Europe dry through the welfare state and raising Hell in the streets. Europe has a very complex problem on a major scale, likely insoluble. But two Dutch MPs are sounding the alarm. John tells you about one, Bare Naked Islam will show you another. Turn the sound off and read the sub titles.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Red-BHO- Change U Will Feel

The colonial economic system, based on raw materials rather than industry, encouraged concentration of land and other forms of wealth in a few hands. The church with its vast properties, monopoly on education and welfare agencies, and command over cultural life complicated the politics of every new nation.

In addition, the new states were cursed by problems associated with the wars of independence. Some of the most productive areas were devastated. Hatred and division remained. Many men who had fought the royalists remained armed, predisposed to a life of violence and pillage and likely to group themselves about the caudillos, who promised adventure or profit in revolutions.


Despite its promising beginning in 1821, Mexico suffered a …

Geert Wilders 3-2014 speech- 'Do you want more or fewer Moroccans'

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