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Islam IS Political Correctness

A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
Chet Beates, definition of Political Correctness used in Son of a Gun : The Life and Times of a Lifer Brat (2007), p. 209. Attributed to a student at Texas A&M University pre 2006 (
[From wikiquote] .

Turds do not have clean ends; Islam is not peaceful. Ismam means submission: “I submitted to Islam, you will submit to me or die.”
Uncle Vladdi has distilled inshalla down to its essence and crystallized it, taking some literary licence in the process. This thought provoking post is a must read.
Those who have not read the Qur’an should read the ayat and ahadith in this list for full comprehension of the essential truth in this post: 3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

Uncle Vladdi's Blog

Islam is a perfect fit with modern liberalism: ISLAM IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

What sane people call “the slippery slope,” liberals call “progress!”

Political correctness (slanderous victim-blaming factual incorrectness) is both fraud (crime) and extortion – pretending that, either you lie along with the majority, or you’ll be replaced with a better liar by that same majority; group might makes right! Exact same as communazism.

Political correctness = factual incorrectness.

It’s also a clear case of ends-justify-means,* might-makes-right.

Political correctness is only advocating for others to masochistically Submit to extortion – to “Go Along” (with criminal lies) “To Get Along” (with lying criminals).

It is a pretended and idolatrous philosophy of perpetual and habitual self-sacrifice, (whether or not the given situational circumstances require it) which agrees with the militarist’s extortion creed slanderously asserted by all ‘Authorities” everywhere, that we never have a right to self-defense. And enforced self-sacrifice isn’t self-sacrifice…

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