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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

How to deal with ISIS the “Final Solution

Wack their leader. Bomb and strafe his funeral procession. Bomb and stafe the succeeding funerals.

Wherever they congregate, drop a Daisy Cutter. Whrever an armored column moves, send in a Warthog.

The time has come to abandon the name game. Every name and acronym for “terrorist groups” is an alias for Islam. Its Islam, Stupid!!

The solution to Islam is extinction. Leave no believers alive. Destroy their iman!! Rub their snouts in Greece, Israel and Spain because they are living proof that Allah is an impotent idol whose promise is void.

Rub their snouts in Moe’s character. What sort of deity selects as his ultimate Prophet a baby f”er? Aisha was six years old when Moe married her and began thighing her. Thighing is halal because Moe did it, look up the fatwa. Authentic ahadith collected by Bukhari and Muslim establish her age. The biograpers confirm it. Imran Firasat made an animated video documenting the story, watch it and share it, make it go viral.

Who the Hell is Allah? Why did he use Satan’s musical instrument to pass revelations to Moe? Moe had a devil who only gave him good commands, was it Allah?

Who did Moe pray to and what did he pray for; who did he prey on? The facts should be fatal to Islam if a significant number of Muslims retain a scintilla of morality. Gather the facts, document them and make them widely known.

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