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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Can Republicans lead or are they better off being the party of opposition?

The GOP loses because they have AssWholes for leaders & candidates. A Conservative takeover of the party at all levels is the only hope. Start in the primaries. Next time, run for precinct delagate.

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Islamic States in Iraq touts French, German, and Libyan suicide bombers in Syria

The war against humanity is extended to perpetuity; even the “Last Day” because it is a function of belief in Allah, his imperatives, promise and threat.

Believers sell their souls to Allah in return for admission to his celestial bordello. They fight in his cause, killing and being killed. His cause is world domination.

Does God run a whore house? God created and owns your soul, why should he buy it? Who is in the market to purchase souls?

Allah communicated to Moe through a bell ringing in his head. Moe described the bell as “the musical instrument of Satan” and said that every bell is accompanied by a devil. Can you get a clue? Allahu Shaytan!!!

Allah commanded Muslims to wage war against pagans until only Allah is worshiped, people with scriptural religions until they are subdued, acknowledge the superiotiry of Islam and pay extortion.

Allah commanded Muslims to fight those of the disbelievers “nearest you”.

Allah commanded Muslims to strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers and terrorize them. Allah demanded “great slaughter”.

Allah threatened Muslims who sit behind with eternal damnation and promised those who join the Jihad admission to his celestial bordello.

What will believers do? Pull your head out of your ass, wipe the drek from your eyes and take a cold clear look at the damnable doctrines of Islam.

While this world is infested with Muslims, it will have no peace and no security. They must be made to cease believing in Allah, his threat & promise.

The above listed pdf files contain quotes from and links to Islam’s canonical texts. Quote them. Link to them. Embed them in your blogs and use them as email attachments.

As I shared what I have learned, so should you share it with others. Let the whole world know that Islam is a mercenary and martial war cult which must be eradicated.

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