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A Critical Look at the Koran

The Qur’an was not written as a book, it was compiled as an anthology of fragments of the raving rants with which Moe roused the rabble to do his wet work.
Delve into the first book of Sahih Bukhari and see how Moe got his revelations, largely through a bell ringing in his head.
Moe described the bell as Satan’s musical instrument and said that with every bell, there is a devil.

Moe got revelations from Allah through Satan’s instrument?? Allahu Shaytan!

The author cited 33:50. Moe’s child bride said it is situational scripture.
Allah said that he gradually gives the land to Muslims through conquests and there is none to put back his judgment. Greece, Israel and Spain testify to the fact that Allah is an impotent idol whose promise is void.

The Wide Awake Patriot

The article below is an excellent exposition on the koran, and what we MUST do to combat the ideology it preaches if we are to survive.  The evidence shows the koran to have been dreamed up entirely from the mind of a violent, lying pedophile, and foisted on unsuspecting followers who respected strength more than intelligence.  These followers now go beyond faith to blind adherence to the book, and act as though the god they follow isn’t strong enough to defend himself by killing ANYONE who disagrees with or disparages this ‘god.’  How do you combat such an ideology?  By proving the fallacy of it.

A Critical Look at the Koran

shutterstock_image of Koran

“May Allah accept this from me.”

“I’m doing it in the name of Allah.”

“To establish Islamic law—Allah’s law on earth.”

The above are statements made by would-be and successful jihadists to explain their motivations for…

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