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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Feds Force Oklahoma to Overturn Anti-Sharia Law & Pay Islamists $303,333

Is there a right to attack any non-Muslim, rape his widow, enslave his orphans and seize his property?

If not then there is no right to manifest, practice and propagate Islam because Islam entails those acts.

If such a right exists, then all our rights are abrogated.

Shari’ah cuts off the apostate offspring of an intestate Muslim and gives his daughter half what it gives a son.

Shari’ah forbids a Christian divorced by a Muslim from obtaining child custody and removes custody from a divorced Muslima who remarries.

Shari’ah pays three times as much indemnity for the death of a Muslim as it pays for the death of a Christian.

Shari’ah requires the testimony of four Muslim male eyewitnesses to convict a rapist.

Shari’ah permits a Muslim to beat his wife and kill his children.

Shari’ah permits a Muslim to compel his pre-purbertal virgin daughter to marry the man of his choice.

Shari’ah requires Muslims to mount a minimum of one military attack against infidels in every year.

Shari’ah forbids infidels to have positions of authority, even over other infidels.

Who gives a shit??? Clearly the Judge in this case has nothing else to give and should be removed from the bench. The judgment should be appealed up the chain to the Supreme Court.

Go to Amazon, buy a copy of “Reliance of the Traveller”, verify the facts as I have posted them above and curse Islam.

Click to access reliance_of_the_traveller.pdf

Click to access hedayaorguideac00hamigoog.pdf

Click to access The-Risala-A-Treatise-on-Maliki-Fiqh.pdf

Risala, the Maliki fiqh, is the only one of the three not available in print. It is the shortest and easiest to read. Read at least one of those books, curse Islam and pray for the damnation of treasonous politicians who lie about it and protect it from scrutiny.

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Kerry Says He Has “A Lot On His Plate,” Won’t Comply With Issa Subpoena To Testify On Benghazi Next Week…

Kerry’s direct knowledge will be limited to the coverup. Gowdy & Issa need to exhibit the two versions of the smoking gun email and demand to know why Kerry stonewalled the cmte. Whose ass was he covering and why

Gowdy can then use his evasive or dishonest response in deciding to subpoena him to testify before the select cmte.

The Select cmte. should bore right in on Kerry’s evasions and lies before the oversight cmte.

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