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After Venona sank in, despite violent opposition by the usual suspects, some of the more rational members of the intellectual Left – such as the venerated historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. – opined that McCarthy may have been right after all, but he was a bad person and he did great harm to innocent people. Then it was back to the same shopworn clichés, such as “McCarthy didn’t uncover one communist.” Actually, according to Venona, he was way short in his estimations, but the anti-McCarthy propaganda machinery churned on to be sure history goes their way. Recently, George Clooney’s nifty propaganda stunt in the film Good Night and Good Luck was an example of the conspiracy to continue to malign McCarthy in the light of Venona, allowing the smug anti-McCarthy fellow travelers to sweep the facts under the rug and move on in their obsessive manipulations to protect their own.


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