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Here are common sense andf wisdom; heed them.

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Stand up for free speech and against honor violence and killing of women

Open “The Life of Muhammad” to the part about his “last sermon” and see what he said about women. He advised Muslims to be kind to their wives because they are like prisoners. When a Muslim marries and pays the mahr, he is buying a girl’s sex organ. His wife is his slave.

On Judgment Day, Alah will not ask a Muslim why he beat his wife. If the Muslim kills his wife, that is a private matter, none of your concern.

Nobody is willing to send the Marines to Saudi Arabia to curb their abuse of women. Short of war, nothing effective can be done.

Name & shame is all that remains. CAIR shows its true colors by objecting to exposure of honoricide. Their bitching and caterwauling over that documentary should be a heads up for those whose ears are full of sand.

I shall now do something nobody else has the balls to do: I will provide links to authentic and authoritaive Islamic texts of scipture, tradition and jurisprudence that let the cat out of the bag. Read’em and curse Islam if you have a soul.

So honoricide is purely cultural, with no link to Islam, right?! Go to Hell, CAIR.

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