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Intro to ‘Islam is Different’
By Editor John R. Houk
© February 7, 2014
Dajjal posted an interesting comment to the post by Norma Zager entitled, “If Hitler CouldTweet” at my NCCR blog. Sometimes my comment filter decides I need to approve a comment before it posts. This is a good thing most of the time; however this time I wish it Dajjal had enough favor status within the filter where the comment was pre-approved. I approved it when I found it in my inbox. This comment is interesting because after reading it I was uncertain it had anything to do with Norma’s essay. So I had to reread her essay to understand Dajjal’s context.
Zager’s essay shows her disapproval of the world stage ignoring the evidence that a nuclear weaponized Iran will lead to a war just as the world stage ignored Adolf…

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