Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

The Ten-Million Taxpayer March: Washington DC, April 15, 2013

Removing the crooks from the House of Representatives requires a minimum of two election cycles. Removing the crooks from the Senate requires a minimum of three election cycles because of staggered terms. You needed to start in 2010, you blew it in ’12. Become informed and vote in the primary election for genuine Conservatives only. Tell the parties to go to Hell; donate to good candidates directly and to established Conservative groups with good track records.

America lacks the mass population concentrations found in Egypt. The distances are too great and the expense of travel too high to permit mass participation in rallies. Besides which, the mass media will ignore any that do draw large numbers of demonstraters.

You need to communicate your outrage directly to your AssWholes. Tell them that, if they do not impeach, convict and remove the AssWhole in chief, that you will remove them in the next election cycle. Make your message loud and clear.
When you sign this petition:
it will email itself to Congress with the vital message clearly stated.
We absolutely must make them fear the outcome of the next election cycle. Direct contact is the only way to do it. They must be burried up to their eyes in demands for impeachmentand promises of replacement for inattention or failure.

5200 emails are a drop in the bucket; this task requires millions. Send yours today and exhort everyone you can influence to sign and promote the petition.


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