Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Statement on U.S Supreme Court’s Refusal to Take up Challenge to Obama Secrecy on bin Laden Images

Provocation is not at issue. Open the second volume of Hedaya to page 141 and read the marginal note which declares that infidels may be attacked without provocation. Then tead the adjacent paragraph.
Muslims are obligated (fard al-kifaya) to mount a minimum of one military expedition in every year. Open The Book of Jihad to page 18 and read the infamous fatwa of Imam Al-Shafi’i to that effect.
I do not know whether Usama bin Ladin is dead or when he died. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. It makes no difference. The war will not end until every Muslim on the face of the earth is dead or apostatized. Allah commands Muslims to conquer the world, threatening them with Hell if they sit idle; promising them eternity in his celestial carnal house if they wage Jihad. So long as they continue to believe in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise, Muslims, jointly and severally, will constitute an existential threat to civilization.

Obama is a damn liar. Nothing he says can be taken at face value, every word of his must be assumed false until proven true. We will not be satisfied without seeing the evidence and verifying the chain of custody.

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