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Treasonous Murder of ST6: Demand Congressional Investigation!

Treasonous Murder of ST6: Demand Congressional Investigation!

Thanks and a tip of the hat to We The People for embedding this press conference
and bringing it to my attention.

The Gold Star Mother and her colleagues have strength & dignity far
beyond me. In their situation, I would be cursing constantly; praying
for the immediate and eternal damnation of the traitors responsible for
my loss.

This video is long and it is not easy listening. The
stories are heart rending.  I ask you to watch and listen to the
whole thing.  I ask you to follow up by contacting your
Congressman & Senators  demanding a full investigation leading
to impeachment, conviction and removal from office of the AssWhole
chiefly responsible.

After viewing this press conference, share it with
everyone you can induce to watch it. We need to make this fact and
emotion filled press conference go viral, now, well in advance of the
next election cycle.

We are fighting a war half-hearted, unwilling to
identify the enemy and unwilling to make an effort to win.  The
rules of engagement are suicidal, as emphasized by the speakers in the
press conference.

The enemy is Islam. Islam, with no qualifiers: not
“extremist”, “radical”, “Islamist” or “Islamonzi”. “Its Islam, Stupid!”.  The conflict
is existential.  The war will not end until Islam is triumphant or

Islam commands global conquest until only Allah is
worshiped, “altogether and everywhere”.  Islam commands global
conquest until Jews & Christians are subjugated and extorted.

Islam threatens those who refuse to participate in
Jihad with Hellfire.  Islam promises those who fight for Allah
admission to his celestial bordello.  Islam declares that our
blood and property are not sacred to Muslims; that we have no human
rights until we become Muslims.

The full facts, if widely known, would result in a
clamor for the extinction of Islam.  The following list of links
to the Qur’an & hadith offers access to the most crucial of those

3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67,
9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123,
Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

We do not need to revolt. We do not need to change
our form of government. We need to remove and replace the LibTurds
& RINOs who are leading us
into Hell.  We must replace them with honest, patriotic
Conservatives with enough courage to discover the truth and govern
accordingly.  We need to be involved, informed and vigilant. We
must inculcate those lessons in future generations so that our error
will never be repeated.

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