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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Boston Marathon Bombing: Observe the Pattern!

While it is possible that others have adopted the Islamic M.O., it is
unlikely.  Multiple explosive devices set to detonate at the same
time and disperse shrapnel into large crowds fits the pattern of
Islamic terrorism.  A person of interest, described as a an
exchange student from Saudi Arabia, was chased down and tackled by a
witness.   Do you notice anything familiar?  Where were
most of the Magnificent Nineteen from?  What kind of Visa did they
use to gain admission?

Why do Muslims need to hurt us?  Because we are
not Muslims.  Everyone who is not Muslim is deemed to be a rebel
against Allah, one who disbelieves, contradicts or opposes Allah &
Moe. I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to
Surah Al-Ma’idah  5:33 and  Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir thereof. . Surah Al-Imran 3:12
informs us that we are to be “defeated and gathered together into
Hell”. Surah At-Taubah 9:29
commands Muslims to wage war against Jews, Christians &
Zoroastrians until we are subjugated and submit to extortion.  9:120
promises Muslims that any step taken to injure or enrage disbelievers
will be imputed to them as a righteous good deed. When Judgment Day
comes, after Muslims murder the last Jew, Allah will weigh their sins against their good deeds. The
swing of the balance will determine where they spend eternity.

Of course, Goddamned fools know that terrorism is harram in
Islam. They know that
killing innocent persons is forbidden They know something that ain’t true.
They do not know, because they have not read 5:33 and Ibn Kathir’s
Tafsir, that only
Muslims are innocent
. The
prohibition is on killing Muslims
. Since they have not read Sahih
Bukhari, damned fools do not know that no Muslim shall be killed for killing a disbeliever.
UN resolutions declare that Islam cannot and must not be associated
with terrorism.  There are four little problems with that: Allah
said that he would cast terror and did cast terror. Moe said that he
was made victorious with terror. Allah commands Muslims to strike
terror into the hearts of disbelievers.

Almighty God, who answers prayer, I beseech thee for
the immediate death and eternal damnation of the perpetrators of the
Boston bombing, and those who ordered, financed, facilitated, planned,
aided, assisted and or approve of, celebrate, sympathize with or take
pleasure in that most accursed crime against humanity.

“Its Islam, stupid!”  And so long as there are
believing Muslims on our soil; in our cities, it will not be possible
to be safe and secure.  We must constantly anticipate the next
flash of fire; the next blast, knifing, vehicular homicide or
shooting.  Eventually, trust and comity will be completely
shattered and normal life will be impossible.

Put an end to it. Disrespectfully and contumaciously
demand proscription of the propagation & practice of Islam.
Tell your Congressman & Senators that, unless Muslims are expelled
& excluded, they will be removed from office and replaced in the
next election cycle.

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  1. To anyone who has the nerve to look and read about it for themself, it’s obvious that islam is a crime-syndicate, not a religion. It only invokes the idea of one single god, as their one, single excuse for all their many crimes. This god is clearly defined as being both unknown and unknowable. The only way its’ desires for humanity can ever be known, its rule-book claims, is through the clear instructions set therein by this one god’s one and only final messenger, Muhammad. And Muhammad’s book commands all the “believers” to wage perpetual war on all the non, or “un”-believers in the world, until the only religion (and, since its micro-managing rules give explicit, “god-given” commandments in regard to food preparation, dress codes, etc, their definition of religion clearly also means “culture”) remaining on earth is allah’s islam.

    Further, this “perpetual war” against the “unbelievers” is NOT one of peaceful proselytizing conversion, because “allah” is clearly stated to have caused their unbelief itself, and so it is described as literally impossible to change the minds or lead to see those whose minds have been closed, and eyes blinded to this “truth,” by allah itself.

    No, if and when moslems try to slanderously extort others into “reverting,” it is a practice only indulged in by allah as a relief to themselves, to spare the moslems from having to carry out their further, messy, “holy” rights and duties of murder!
    And, as I’ve noted here in previous commentary on your magnificently argued posts, Dajjal:

    Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told.

    Authority is doing what you’re told regardless of what’s right.

    Most legalists and police officers are authoritarians – those who pretend to believe there is no morality, so the only things which are immoral or unlawful are those which some legislator subjectively made into law. Everything is allowed except that which is expressly forbidden.

    They refuse to see that islam is crime, because they have been told by their masters it isn’t.

    Political correctness = factual incorrectness (lying; fraud; CRIME).

    Deliberately maintaining the LIE that Jihad = “peaceful inner struggle,” against ALL the clear Qur’anic definitions and subsequent historical evidence to the contrary, is not only to wilfully engage in perpetuating the perpetration of the crime of public deception, but to act as a willing accessory enabling all the crimes of our self-determined moslem enemies.

    Any lawyer, judge, or politician who engages in such practices is a criminal and an outlaw, and so should be dealt with accordingly.

    Islam is only extortion, period. And extortion is always a crime.

    Furthermore, if any non-moslem is to believably assert in indulgence of their historical lies, that he or she agrees with the moslems’ claims that islam is a “religion,” (at all, much less one “of peace,”) then they must also supply valid reasons as to why they have chosen to believe in Muhammad’s most basic claims, that “God” has ordered him to order his followers to kill everyone not a member of his gang (like, for instance, the non-moslem now found to be endorsing his lies)!

    i.e: If islam is a religion, why does God order you to be murdered by it’s moslem members?

    Do you think that’s a valid way for one of God’s religions to behave?

    Besides being a liberal, what do you think you have done to deserve the moslem god’s eternal scorn and hatred?

    Or, more generally,

    “Do you believe that islam is NOT a danger to non-moslems?” (and, if so: WHY not?)!


    And, proving your pattern-observation detectors are working at 100% as usual, Dajjal …

    IT WAS (drumroll) Iranian-backed Chechnyan MOSLEMS.

    Of course.


    Comment by unclevladdi | April 19, 2013 | Reply

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