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VICTORY Is Not Defeat The True Furquan

To the many Muslims and others who have searched for since it went off line only to find a dead end on , I apologize for not recognizing the potential of the online Web Archive earlier and doing due diligence.  I can only hope that the information provided in this post will give you enough satisfaction to make up for my failure to look in the right place first.

Islam-exposed featured The True Furquan, which appears to be an English/Arabic Gospel modeled on the Qur’an.    It has been condemned by Muslims as a fake.  One of the critiques attributes the book to Anis Shorosh, though he is not listed as an author.   Wikipedia  names Sorosh as the translator.

In the past, I was unable to find the book. I now discover that it is available at Amazon.  I found a PDF version, about 13MB. free on line.  While the domain name registration has lapsed and the site is no longer available, the Web Archive has preserved it for us. The cache I tapped is from 02/22/08. I am surprised to find that the links work, so that it is possible to use them to read the book as it originally appeared on  The link to the archived cache follows:


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