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Bare Naked Islam Update 08/04/12

A new tweet brought my attention to a series of tweets dating back to Aug. 2. I present them in chronological order, oldest first.

It seems that BNI had trouble with the new server and is moving again, hoping to be up and running Aug. 6.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BNI is projected to be fully operational again within an hour. Keep your fingers crossed.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BNI is still having some problems with the new Server. Hope to have the bugs worked out by end of day. Thanks for your patience.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

ATTENTION! BARE NAKED ISLAM will be down for 3 days. I am getting my own dedicated server. Seems my site makes people nervous. Go figure.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BARE NAKED ISLAM scheduled to be back up on new server Monday, Aug. 6th, around 5PM (EDT)

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