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International Judge the Koran Day Update: Video Released

On March 20, 1011,  Pastor Terry Jones held a mock trial of the
Koran at Gainesville, Fl. and executed it by burning.  The
imposition of punishment upon the book was condemned as ‘hate speech’
& ‘inciting violence’ by the OIC, UN, President, Secretary of
State, Congressmen & Generals.  it was said that the act
endangered our troops overseas and threatened world peace.

Inflammatory kutbah at Jumah Salat incited
riots which resulted in considerable death and property damage,
consequent of rabble rousing rants in mosques, not the trial &
burning of the Koran.

A  press release from Stand Up
, dated January 29, 2012,
announced the delayed uploading of the video of International Judge the Qur’an Day, which occurred
March 20, 2011. The original streaming video has been divided into five
parts.  The audio quality of the first part is marginal.
Since the trial was conducted in Arabic with a translator, it is not
easy listening.

The execution begins just after 57.5 minutes into
the fifth part.  One matter becomes clear: the front cover of the
book is facing us and the spine of the book is on the left, which shows
us that they burned a translation, not an Arabic Qur’an, which is
printed from right to left.   Only the Arabic Qur’an is
considered sacred.  The riots and recriminations were a big fuss
over nothing.

Koran on trial

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