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Christie & Palin: Wall Flowers; So What?

I can’t get excited about the announcements that Governors Christie & Palin are not candidates for the GOP nomination.  Big deal.  Christie is important because he won in a ‘crat heavy state and took on the unions.  Palin is important because she almost pulled McCain’s bacon out of the fire.

The press, pundits & hierarchy love Christie because he projects a conservative image without being conservative.  The press & pundits would build him up before the nomination is cinched and tear him down afterwards.  They want to select our nominee again; another loser just like last time.

The press, pundits & hierarchy hate Palin because she is a conservative.  Her record as Governor of Alaska makes no difference, they want a Socialist in power, preferably one they can manipulate and exploit.  Nothing could stop them from harping on the family issue and Sarah’s mis-statements any more than I could be stopped from harping on her insane statements about Islam.

The press, pundits & hierarchy seek enlargement of the field for several reasons.  Most importantly, they want pseudo-conservatives; they are more interested in image than substance. They hate the true conservatives and seek the destruction of their campaigns.  A large field reduces the money and media attention available to the back of the field, and that is exactly what the power brokers want.

In this election cycle, the party’s base of faithful core supporters is more important than ever.  Now is the time for the base to rise up and demand a choice, not an echo.  Goldwater & Reagan are dead; the time of a new generation has come, and its leaders must step up and meet the challenge.

Our role is to test those leaders and measure their mettle. We must reserve the selection to ourselves in the primaries & caucuses, we must tell the press, pundits & hierarchy to sit down and shut up. If we let them choose, we lose, and we may never recoup.

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