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Inside the Islamophobia Network

Muslims and their dhimmis are kvetching & caterwauling
over what they perceive as a right wing extremist campaign to divert
attention from the important items of their Socialist agenda  by
seeking laws to bar Shari’ah from American courts.  Thanks and a
tip of the hat to Bare Naked Islam for bringing this to my

Inside the
Islamophobia Network

has a video in which snippets of remarks by several experts  are
used to create a false image of superficiality.  The most
accessible handbooks of Shari’ah run in excess of 1000 pages. The
experts can’t tell us everything in a few seconds of air time.

agenda: demonize Muslims

The “experts” called Shari’ah a threat, they
accurately described it, they  did not declare it satanic nor did
they attach that label to Muslims.  Shari’ah is a system of law
based on the Qur’an & hadith.  Many provisions of Shari’ah are
not compatible with our Constitution.

link to terrorism

Terrorism is a battle tactic1,
the battle is part of
jihad.  Jihad is defined in Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9,
which also describes the communal religious
to perform it
annually.  It describes the caliph as making war against Jews,
Christians & Zoroastrians10
until they are subjugated and pay the
jizya. It describes the caliph as fighting all other peoples until they
become Muslim.

infiltration of Shari’ah

Shari’ah courts are operating in England, but not
here, of course; it can’t happen here. “This
Shari’ah law business is
“. So Says Governor Christie..  But CSPI has a surprise
you: in
the last three decades, fifty court cases have involved Shari’ah.

Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court

Version 1.4 / June 21, 2011 (PDF, 635 pages, 2.4 MB)

Center for Security Policy’s report, Shariah
Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court
50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between
Shariah (Islamic law) and American state law.

facts are the facts: some judges are making decisions deferring to
Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with Constitutional

Table 1 on page 44 enumerates the cases by state.

Table 3 on page 46 lists cases by category.

Table 4 enumerates compliant and non-compliant trial court decisions.

Table 5 enumerates compliant and non-compliant appellate decisions.

Table 6 on page 47 lists the conflicts by country of origin.

Twenty one cases dealt with marriage law and
seventeen with child custody.

its crap!

The crap is flowing from the
mouths of the smug, smarmy, holier than thou self-righteous deniers of
objective factual reality.  Shari’ah has been admitted to American
courts already. Seventeen cases involved child custody. Do you have a
clue concerning the relevant provisions of Shari’ah?  I have some
clues for you.

This is not hate speech. This is not demonization.
This is not Islamophobia. This is exposing a significant sample of the
provisions of Islamic law so that you can see and understand
them.  I am providing quotes and links to source documents so that
you can delve as deeply into them as you like.  Reliance of the
Traveller, Books  M & N regulate marriage and divorce.

This partial table of contents comes
from page 508 of the text, page 526 of the pdf.

Child Care and Custody m13.0

Meaning of Child Care mB.O(O:)

Precedence Order of Who Deserves Child’s Custody m13.1

Conditions for Eligibility to Have Child Custody m13.2

Non-Muslim Day-Care Centers, Schools, Etc. m13.3

A Woman Who
Remarries Loses Right to Custody

Older Children Decide Which Parent to Stay With mB.5

Now we are going to get down to some gritty detail.
There is blessed good reason why Shari’ah should not be enforced in our
courts and I shall now expose you to it.

Shari’ah denies custody to a secular mother

Shari’ah denies custody to a Christian mother


m13.2 The necessary conditions for a person to

have custody of a child are:

(a) uprightness
(def: 024.4) (0: a corrupt

person may not be a guardian, because child care

is a position of authority, and the corrupt are

unqualified for it.
Mawardi and Ruyani hold that

outward uprightness (def: m3.3(f) is sufficient

unless there is open wrongdoing. If the corruptness

of a child’s mother consists of her
not performing

prayer (sal at) , she has no right to

of the child, who might grow up to be like

ending up in the same vile condition of not

for keeping another’s company has its


(b) sanity (0: since a mother uninterruptedly

insane has no right to custody, though if her

insanity is slight. such as a single day per year. her

right to custody is not vitiated by it);

(c) and if
the child is Muslim, it is a necessary

that the person with custody be a Muslim

(0: because it is a position of authority, and a

has no right to authority
and hence

right to raise a Muslim
. If a non-Muslim were

given charge of the custody and upbringing of the

child, the
child might acquire the character traits

unbelief (kufr».
{Emphasis added.}

Under Shari’ah a divorced woman loses custody of her
children if she does not perform Salat, if she remarries or if she is
not a Muslim.   If you do not comprehend this, go back and
read sections a, c & d again.

Risala treats of custody in Chapter 33 on page 332 of the pdf.

Maliki & Shafi’ite do not agree perfectly.

33.9b. Custody

After a divorce, the woman has custody of a boy until he reaches puberty

and a girl until
she marries and the marriage consummated

[This is the right of the mother, be she free or slave, Muslim, or Kitabi,
sensible or

foolish according to Ibn ‘Arafa. This right also pertains if she is
widowed. The

girl’s maintenance is owed by the father until her marriage is

33.9c. Order of custody

After that if the mother dies or remarries, custody goes to the

and then the maternal aunt. If there are no female relatives of the

then it goes to one of the sisters and paternal uncles. If there are

then the agnate relatives.

[Custody goes first to the mother’s mother and then the father’s

Hedaya, Volume I, page 138  on page 197 of the pdf, has this ruling, which
indicates that re-marying would  void the mother’s right to

In case of separation, the care of the infant

children belongs to
the mother,
the right

of nursing and keeping it rests with the

mother, because it is regarded that a woman

once applied to the. prophet, sayiug, ” 0,

prophet of God ! this 1s .my son, the fruit

of my womb, cherished in my bosom and

suckled at my breast, and his father is desirous

of taking him away from me into ,his

own care ;”-to which the prophet replied,

thou hast a
right in the child prior to that

of thy husband, so
long as thou dost not

marry with a

On page 139, page 198 of the pdf, there is another interesting
ruling. A non-Muslim woman loses custody once the child is old enough
to decide on religion.

And also an infidel mother the wife of a

Mussulman or female infidel

subject, married to a Mussulman, is entitled

to the Hizanit of
her child, although  he be

a Mussulman like
the father; but this only

so long as the
child is incapable of forming

any judgment with
respect to religion
, and

whilst there is no apprehension of his imbibing

an attachment to infidelity ; but when

this is the case, he
must be taken from.the

because, although it be for the child’s

advantage to be under her care until that

period, his
remaining longer with he might

prove injurious.

forced marriage

Should a father be able to compel his pre-pubescent
daughter to marry? He is, if Shari’ah is applied.

m3.13 Guardians are of two types, those who

may compel their female charges to marry someone,

and those who may not.

(1) The only
guardians who may compel

their charge to
marry are a virgin bride’s father or

father’s father,
compel meaning to marry her to a

suitable match
(def: m4) without her consent.

(2) Those who may not compel her are not

entitled to marry her to someone unless she

accepts and gives her permission.

Whenever the bride is a virgin, the father or

father’s father may marry her to someone without

her permission, though
it is recommended to ask

permission if she has reached puberty
. A virgin’s

silence is
considered as permission.

As for the nonvirgin of sound mind, no one

may marry her to another after she has reached

puberty without her express permission, no matter

whether the guardian is the father, father’s

father, or someone else.

Risala rules on this issue in page 302 of the pdf.

32.2 The authority of the guardian

32.2a. A father arranging the marriage of a virgin daughter

A father can
arrange the marriage of his virgin daughter without her permission even
if she is

beyond the age of
It is up to him whether he consults her or not.

[To whomever he wants for the dowry he wishes, even for less than a
suitable dowry. He can give her

choice, and it states in al-Jawahir and elsewhere that it is
recommended that he ask her permission.]

Hedaya  covers this issue tangentially in
Volume I, page 32, in the second column of Page 93 of the pdf.

I focused on the child custody issue because of its
familiarity and critical importance. If your daughter marries a Muslim,
gives you grand children and is divorced by tripple talaq,
do you want the provisions listed above to determine who gets
custody?  If your wife is raped, do you want her to be required to
provide four male witnesses to prove it? What is your
attitude toward being excluded from being a witness because you are not

Shari’ah compliant finance is a related issue,
requiring the payment of a 2.5% tax. 12.5% of that tax must be paid to those “fighting in
Allah’s cause”
ie. terrorists. Do you give a damn?

Remember, “it’s crap!”; it can’t happen here,
“nobody is demanding it”; except that there have already been 50 cases
involving Shari’ah in state trial and appellate courts.   It
will happen unless we rise up to put a stop to it. If your state has
pending legislation to exclude foreign law, contact your legislators
and ask them to vote for it. Contact your Congressman to ask him to
co-sponsor and vote for H.R.
.  lets you email your state and federal legislators
without knowing their names or district numbers. You need only know
your Zip Code. Sign up and send those emails today!

  1. Relevant ayat & ahadith:
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          the terror

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          (to) terrify

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