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Obamination-Video:Forged Birth Cert Has 9 Layers

A Facebook friend alerted me to another, more detailed video analysis of the forged birth certificate.

Not having the latest and greatest software, I am forced to make do with what I have. I opened the pdf with Adobe Professional 7 and, using the Advanced Menu, exported “all images”.

The first image I examined is the (presumably rubber stamped) certification which appears at the bottom of the image in the pdf.

Registrar's rubber stamped certification.

The second image shows part of the form, including  one partial signature. Click it to view the full sized image.

One of 3 images extracted from the pdf.

Notice that Mrs. Obama’s signature is incomplete and that the other signatures are absent from this image.

The third image contains the security paper background, white areas which surround the text, one third of Stanley Ann’s signature and the remaining signatures.
The green part of the form.

Lets take a closer view of the signature block.
Signature Block from third exported img.

I outlined Stanley Ann’s signature with a red rectangle for clarity.  Note that only the D shows in her maiden name, but the other letters appear as white ghosts. If you have a plausible explanation for one signature on a form to be composed  from two overlaid layers, please post it in the comments, I want to see it!

Take another look; the flying K from Kansas appears in the box just above the signature. ansas is in the other layer. Why?  Why is part of the local registrar’s signature on on layer and the rest on another?

At World Net Daily, Jerome Corsi published images of the birth certificates  of twin girls born the day after Obama’s claimed birth.  Those images are negatives, probably taken from a microfiche or produced with contact print technology.  I copied them and used Irfanview to convert them to positives.

Legibility is poor, but it is obvious that the certified place of birth is the same and the dates are one day apart. Now the fun begins.

twin certificates.

Obama was born first, so he should have a lower serial number. Does he? Lets examine the certificates more closely.

# Obama Twin 1 Twin2
Obama's Serial# First Twin's Serial#. Second Twin's Serial#Second Twin's Serial#.
Date Obama's birthdate Twin's irthdate.

The first born twin has the lowest serial number, her sister one t higher and Obama, supposedly born one day earlier, is three higher. Something is not Kosher!

Take another look at the first two layers of Obama’s “certificate”.  61 4064 appears on one layer and the trailing one on the other.  If a genuine certificate was scanned, the entire number would be in one image.

Lets take a closer look at box 20, the date of acceptance by the Registrar.
Box 20   note that the first three digits of the year are light and outlined in white. The last digit is bolder and appears on top of the security pattern. Here is how this box appears in the top layer.  Box 20 top layer.

Only the last numeral 1 is visible.  Now examine the bottom layer.
Bottom layer, lower left corne of form.

Nothing there! The month day and 196 must be in another layer inaccessible to my software.  If Obama was honest, he’d have his factotums scan a certified copy of his long form birth certificate, unmodified, and upload it. Instead, he had them edit and reassemble it to conceal something. The question now is: what is Obama concealing and why does he want to hide it from us?

Could it be that box 23 contained something he does not want us to see, such as a foreign birthplace??  Why else would they go to the work of forging that document?  Why did they leave the layers in the pdf?  Why did they fail to password protect it?  They could easily prevent us from disassembling and analyzing their forgery.

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