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Obamination: Long Form Birth Certificate??

When I first went on line today, Yahoo News was displaying an article about President Obama’s  supposed “long form birth certificate”.  I immediately downloaded the  pdf for a close examination.

Regular readers of my posts will anticipate skepticism, and with good reason. I confess that I never believe Obama; I do not trust him or any other power hungry left winger.

The certificate is presented in the form of a large piece of security paper with the certificate, printed on security paper, superimposed upon it. The fun part: the patters match, indicating that both were printed on the same printer. That aroused my suspicion.

On close examination, I noticed one principal anomaly:  white rectangles around  the text and signatures; not only the typescript but even the printed form headings have white perimeter shadows.

Was the document pieced together from text printed on plain paper  or were the shadows artifacts of the scanning process?  To find out, I cropped  part of the blank security paper from the top of the image and printed it.  I then wrote and printed on the copy and scanned it at 300 dpi resolution.

Surprise!  No shadows. Perhaps resolution was a factor, so I tried scanning it at 100 and 600 dpi.  The only change was the size of the scanned image. There were no white shadows at any resolution.

The next anomaly I noticed was a flying capital in the birth place of Obama’s mother. The K in Kansas is printed above the base line, only the lower half is present and the character is less bold than the rest of the word.  I found five more capital Ks in the document, all of them printed correctly. Were they all printed with the same typewriter at the same time?

In 18a & 19a, the signatures of the mother and physician are remarkably similar, having the same slant, the first was signed with a bolder pen.  Were they written by the same hand switching pens?

At the bottom of the image, the following text appears, apparently rubber stamped: “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health. ”

On further examination, I discovered an anomaly in the form’s block 5a.  In the screenshot, there is a red oval around the area of interest. Note the vertical line separating 5a from 5b. Notice that it is much thinner and lighter than the vertical separator between 6a & 6b appearing below. Note the bottom line of the box near the junction, its thickness and vertical position deviate, a sure sign of a form made by hand with Photo Shop or similar software, not a genuine form printed by professionals.

If it is a true copy, why does it lack the embossed seal of the registrar?  If it is an abstract, why was an attempt made to give it the appearance of an original printed form, which it probably is not?

If  this form was the genuine article, why spend $1,000,000 in court to avoid displaying it to a Judge? Why not show it and save the million?
Image of 5a/5b junction showing line drawn with mouse.

Signature block, showing similar signatures and white shadows.

Click for full size image.

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