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U.N.: Resolves to Outlaw PVV

U.N.: Resolvea to Outlaw PVV

“Defamation/vilification of Religion” resolutions are not the only
venue for U.N. censorship.  Here we have a prime example of the
breadth of the threat to freedom of expression which stems from an
attempt to shield a predatory institution from exposure and
condemnation. They seek, consistent with Reliance of the Traveller O8.7 & O11.10,  to  criminalize all questioning
and criticism of Moe’s piracy cult and its program of genocidal conquest & plunder.



In reading the spew of feces which flows from the
United Nations, we must constantly keep one fatal fact in mind.
‘racism’, ‘contemporary forms of racism’ & ‘related intolerance’
are code words for ‘Islamophobia’ which is a code word encompassing any
and all questioning or criticism of & objection to Islam.

The following quote is from Preliminary document of the African
Regional Conference Preparatory to the Durban Review Conference

[Emphasis added.]

the urgent need to address the scourges of anti-Semitism,
Christianophobia, and Islamophobia
as contemporary forms
of racism
as well as
racial and violent movements based on racism and discriminatory ideas
at African, Arab, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other

The feces begins flowing from ¶6, but at that point
it is too diluted to be easily recognized.  The turgid stream
condenses and the lumps begin surfacing at ¶17. Note the highlighted
phrases below.

17. Also reaffirms that, as
underlined in paragraph 13 of the outcome

document of the Durban Review
Conference, any
advocacy of
national, racial or

religious hatred
that constitutes incitement
to discrimination, hostility or violence

should be prohibited by law,
as should the dissemination of ideas based on racial

superiority, hatred, acts of
violence or incitement to such acts, and that these

are consistent with freedom of opinion and expression;

18. Expresses concern about
the use of the Internet to propagate racism,

racial hatred, xenophobia,
racial discrimination and related intolerance,
as outlined

in the latest report of the
Special Rapporteur to the General Assembly;

19. Underlines, at the same
time, the positive role that the exercise of the

right to freedom of opinion
and expression, as well as full respect for the freedom to

seek, receive and impart
information, including through the Internet, can play in

combating racism, racial
discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance;

20. Encourages those States
that have made reservations
to article 41
of the

International Convention
on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

give serious consideration to
withdrawing such
reservations as a matter of priority
, as

stressed by the Special
Rapporteur in his latest report to the General Assembly;

“Advocacy of religious hatred”  is an ambiguous
& amorphous term which paints with a broad brush.  We will
look to a statement by the Secretary General for a working definition.

Reuters quotes U.N. Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon about Fitna:

“There is no
justification for hate speech or incitement to violence,” Ban said in a
statement. “The right of free expression is not at stake here.”

A short documentary video illustrating the clear
association of terrorism with Islam’s canon of scripture &
tradition is hate speech &
incitement to violence
.  That stands as the official U.N.
definition of the terms.  Keep the working definition in mind as
we scroll up to the preamble of the resolution.

Alarmed, in this regard, at the spread
in many parts of the world of various

extremist political
, movements and groups, including neo-Nazis and

skinhead groups, as well as similar extremist
ideological movements

The U.N. is painting with a broad brush, smearing
the PVV and similar parties springing up in Europe with the blood of
innocent Jews murdered by Hitler and his henchmen.  This is guilt
by association in the absence of genuine association.

9. Also stresses that such
practices fuel contemporary
forms of racism

racial discrimination,
xenophobia and related
and contribute to the

and multiplication of various extremist political parties, movements and

groups, including
neo-Nazis and skinhead groups, and in this regard calls for

increased political and legal

10. Emphasizes the need to take the
measures necessary to put an end to the

practices described
above, and calls
upon States to take more effective measures in

with international human rights law to combat those phenomena and the

extremist movements,
which pose a real threat to democratic values;

Got a clue yet?  Perhaps some additional detail
will help you to sort it out.

16. Reaffirms that, according to
article 4 of the International Convention on

the Elimination of All Forms
of Racial Discrimination, States parties to that

instrument are, inter alia,
under the obligation:

(a) To condemn all propaganda
and all organizations
that are based on ideas

of racial superiority or that
attempt to justify or promote racial hatred and

discrimination in any form;

(b) To undertake to adopt immediate and
positive measures designed to

eradicate all incitement
, or acts of, such discrimination, with due regard to the

principles embodied in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rights

expressly set forth in
article 5 of the Convention;

(c) To declare as an offence
punishable by law all dissemination of ideas

based on racial
superiority or hatred
, and incitement to racial discrimination,
as well

as all acts of violence or
incitement to such acts against any race or group of persons

of another colour or ethnic origin,
and also the provision of any assistance to racist

activities, including the
financing thereof;

(d) To declare illegal and
prohibit organizations and organized and all other

propaganda activities
that promote and incite racial discrimination
, and to recognize

participation in such
organizations or activities as an offence punishable by law;

(e) To prohibit public
authorities or public institutions, national or local,

from promoting or inciting
racial discrimination;

By conflating opposition to Islamic genocidal
violent terrorism with racism, they are demanding that PVV and similar
parties be outlawed. “Propaganda activities” is broad enough to include
my blog posts which expose the demonic core of Islam to public view on
the internet.


“I. The Senate’s advice and consent is subject to the
following reservations:

(1) That the Constitution and laws of
the United States contain extensive protections of individual freedom
of speech, expression and association. Accordingly, the United States
does not accept any obligation under this Convention, in particular
under articles 4 and 7, to restrict those rights, through the adoption
of legislation or any other measures, to the extent that they are
protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

(2) That the Constitution and
laws of the United States establish extensive protections against
discrimination, reaching significant areas of non-governmental
activity. Individual privacy and freedom from governmental interference
in private conduct, however, are also recognized as among the
fundamental values which shape our free and democratic society. The
United States understands that the identification of the rights
protected under the Convention by reference in article 1 to fields of
`public life’ reflects a similar distinction between spheres of public
conduct that are customarily the subject of governmental regulation,
and spheres of private conduct that are not. To the extent, however,
that the Convention calls for a broader regulation of private conduct,
the United States does not accept any obligation under this Convention
to enact legislation or take other measures under paragraph (1) of
article 2, subparagraphs (1) (c) and (d) of article 2, article 3 and
article 5 with respect to private conduct except as mandated by the
Constitution and laws of the United States.

(3) That with reference to
article 22 of the Convention, before any dispute to which the United
States is a party may be submitted to the jurisdiction of the
International Court of Justice under this article, the specific consent
of the United States is required in each case.

II. The Senate’s advice
and consent is subject to the following understanding, which shall
apply to the obligations of the United States under this Convention:

That the United States
understands that this Convention shall be implemented by the Federal
Government to the extent that it exercises jurisdiction over the
matters covered therein, and otherwise by the state and local
governments. To the extent that state and local governments exercise
jurisdiction over such matters, the Federal Government shall, as
necessary, take appropriate measures to ensure the fulfilment of this

III. The Senate’s advice
and consent is subject to the following declaration:

That the United States
declares that the provisions of the Convention are not self-executing.”

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