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In this installment on the STOTU we turn to foreign policy.  [Click this link for the Prepared Remarks.]

” Just as jobs and businesses can now race across borders, so can new threats and new challenges. No single wall separates East and West; no one rival superpower is aligned against us.”

In modern times, we face threats from multiple sources, large and small. We must not drop our guard because weakness invites predators.

” And so we must defeat determined enemies wherever they are, and build coalitions that cut across lines of region and race and religion. America’s moral example must always shine for all who yearn for freedom, justice, and dignity. And because we have begun this work, tonight we can say that American leadership has been renewed and America’s standing has been restored.”

Against Hitler, Russia and America had a common enemy but when the war was over, Russia replaced Germany as an oppressor in much of Eastern Europe.  Then we had a long cold war with constant threat of nuclear attack. That threat is not entirely eliminated today.

At present, the primary enemy is Islam. What makes any fool think that we can make coalitions with the enemy against itself?  The second sentence in the quoted paragraph is code for giving the enemy undeserved privileges which rightly belong to citizens.   When you take prisoners on the battlefield, you imprison them for the duration of the war.  There is no need to try them in court.

Common sense dictates that you do not reveal to the enemy your methods, materials and sources of intelligence.  Common sense dictates that you not hold the army and Cia to the same procedural standards imposed on the police & FBI. There is nothing immoral about capturing and detaining enemy combatants. There is noting immoral about capturing and detaining those who plot & perpetrate terrorist attacks.  There is no good reason why they should not be imprisoned at ‘Gitmo’ and there is no good reason why they should be brought here for trial in civilian courts.

America under Obamination is not leading, it is pleading.  America under Obamination is not standing tall, it is bending over to osculate Islam’s anus.

” Look to Iraq, where nearly 100,000 of our brave men and women have left with their heads held high; where American combat patrols have ended; violence has come down; and a new government has been formed. This year, our civilians will forge a lasting partnership with the Iraqi people, while we finish the job of bringing our troops out of Iraq. America’s commitment has been kept; the Iraq War is coming to an end.”

If the people of Iraq “yearn for freedom, justice, and dignity” they have a funny way of seeking those values.  They instituted a constitution that makes the Qur’an the primary source of legislation. A book which sanctifies corporal punishment including limb amputation is a fine basis for justice & dignity.

The new government which was formed took months to organize its parliament after the recent election. Violence may be reduced, but it is not eliminated, and it will escalate as our forces evacuate the area.

The majority of Iraq’s citizens are Muslims.  The Qur’an forbids Muslims from  forming friendship, partnership or alliance with disbelievers.  Any such partnership is null and void. Only an ignorant fool or a traitor would take any stock in it.

America’s commitment is a fool’s errand, a mirage over hot desert sand.  We have not liberated Iraq from slavery to Allah; it remains Muslim. While it remains so, it remains at war against us.

Iraq was not a war, it was one theater in a much wider war which Obamination, like Shrub, fails to recognize and fight. It is a war which will never end so long as Allah’s slaves believe that he will reward them with eternity in Paradise if they wage war against us or condemn them to everlasting fire if they refuse.

” Of course, as we speak, al Qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan attacks against us.  Thanks to our intelligence and law enforcement professionals, we are disrupting plots and securing our cities and skies. And as extremists try to inspire acts of violence within our borders, we are responding with the strength of our communities, with respect for the rule of law, and with the conviction that American Muslims are a part of our American family.”

“Al-Qaeda and their affiliates”?  No! Muslims!! It is Muslims, who believe Allah’s promises and threats and obey his demonic imperatives  by waging war against disbelievers.

You have secured nothing; you got lucky the last few times. Sooner or later there will be another successful mass casualty attack.  There is only one way to prevent that: remove the enemy fifth column from our soil and exclude it from re-entry.  If you want security, expel the Muslims. Subjecting us to embarrassing and intrusive searches is no substitute for the only  common sense measure that has a chance of success.

“Extremists”: the big lie.  Jihad is the rule, not the exception. It is ordained for Muslims [2:216].  Waging war against Jews & Christians is a demonic obligation. [9:29]  Acts of terror are inspired by the demon’s imperatives, threats & promises.  [8:39, 9:38, 9:120, 61:10]. It is what believers do; [9:111]  their reason for existing.

If they were Americans, they would not be Muslims.  Muslims are Allah’s slaves, who fight in his cause, killing others and being killed. [9:111]  Where they can not conquer by force on the battle field, they stage a demographic invasion, breeding like rats to take over by sheer numbers. Do Americans  wage war against their neighbors?  When Muslims become sufficiently numerous, they will because it is what they are commanded to do. [9:123]

“We have also taken the fight to al Qaeda and their allies abroad. In Afghanistan, our troops have taken Taliban strongholds and trained Afghan Security Forces.  Our purpose is clear – by preventing the Taliban from reestablishing a stranglehold over the Afghan people, we will deny al Qaeda the safe-haven that served as a launching pad for 9/11.”

Most of pur casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan are caused by IEDs & shaped charges supplied by Iran.  What did Shrub do about it?  What has Obamination done about it?? “Taken the fight to their allies”. Yeah, right. Show me.

Traines security forces… yeah, right. Security forces that shoot  their trainers by surprise.  They are Muslims, you traitor!  Why do we train and arm our enemy?

While you are pretending to secure Afghanistan, they are operating terrorist training camps in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia & Lebanon.  If we had a President instead of a traitor, those camps would be smoking ruins.

“In Pakistan, al Qaeda’s leadership is under more pressure than at any point since 2001. Their leaders and operatives are being removed from the battlefield. Their safe-havens are shrinking. And we have sent a message from the Afghan border to the Arabian Peninsula to all parts of the globe: we will not relent, we will not waver, and we will defeat you.”

Every Muslim satrapy on the face of the earth is their safe-havens. Which of them is shrinking?  Which of them is depopulated?  Brig. SK. Malik told us exactly what must be done to defeat them: we must break their faith. We must cause them to recognize Allah as Satan and Moe as the devil incarnate. While our leaders refuse to take that first step, we will continue to lose this war, wasting precious blood, flesh and treasure in the process.

” American leadership can also be seen in the effort to secure the worst weapons of war. Because Republicans and Democrats approved the New START Treaty, far fewer nuclear weapons and launchers will be deployed. Because we rallied the world, nuclear materials are being locked down on every continent so they never fall into the hands of terrorists.”

The start treaty is likely to be the end. Russia can not be trusted and their adherence to the treaty can not be effectively verified.  No treaty is better than the good faith of the parties to it.  Any treaty that limits our right to develop defenses against missile attacks is an act of treason.

Pakistan is terrorism. Pakistan has nukes.  You are a traitor. Brig. S.K. Malik wrote Pakistan’s terror manual. Everyone should read pages 59 & 60 of The Quranic Concept of War.

” Because of a diplomatic effort to insist that Iran meet its obligations, the Iranian government now faces tougher and tighter sanctions than ever before. And on the Korean peninsula, we stand with our ally South Korea, and insist that North Korea keeps its commitment to abandon nuclear weapons.”

When someone believes that he has a divine mission to conquer the world; that he will be rewarded by eternity in the celestial bordello if he tries and punished in an eternal fire pit if he does not, no damn fool diplomatic sanction will stop him or even slow his progress.  If you voted for the traitor who spewed the feces quoted above, you are too stupid to participate in the electoral process; burn your voter registration card and hang your head in shame.

“Around the globe, we are standing with those who take responsibility – helping farmers grow more food; supporting doctors who care for the sick; and combating the corruption that can rot a society and rob people of opportunity.”

How are you combating corruption in Afghanistan & Pakistan?  How are you combating corruption in Washington D.C.?

” We saw that same desire to be free in Tunisia, where the will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator. And tonight, let us be clear: the United States of America stands with the people of Tunisia, and supports the democratic aspirations of all people.”

What I see is another Muslim takeover, another civil war, and another international involvement fighting on the side of slavery, Not all people have democratic aspirations. Democracy without limited government is mob rule.

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