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Hector Aleem Update 01-02-11

This latest Hector Alleem update, bearing extremely bad news, came through a Facebook message today. I transmit it to you as I received it, unedited. Hector was convicted, without evidence, on one trumped up charge and sentenced to a long prison term and exorbitant fine.

You will find threads of desperation, frustration and outrage running through this update. I am unable to provide financial assistance or any other aid or comfort other than what little publicity I can give the case.  I urge others who are able to donate to Hector’s defense fund.

I urge our government to apply diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to put an end to this Gd’d persecution of Christians!   I urge Christians resident in Pakistan to emigrate if possible where Muslims are not the majority or ascendant. If that is not possible, unite, arm yourselves and prepare to rise up.

As proved by its canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis, jurisprudence & biography, Islam is not a religion, it is the most despicable of organized crimes disguised as a religion.  It can not be respected; it must not be tolerated; its existence must be terminated!

I call on men of good will, lovers of life & liberty, wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth to rise up and disrespectfully demand the eradication of Islam.  This work must begin by exposing Islam for what it is: a continuing criminal enterprise. This work must continue by exposing Allah as an impotent idol. This work must be expanded by exposing Muhammad as a lecher, pederast, genocidal murderer & warlord who  falsely attributed his evil utterance to divine revelation.

Let those who doubt & dispute the condemnation of the malignant cult of Islam and its evil founder first do their research. Examine the evidence before labeling me “Islamophobe”, ‘bigot’, ‘racist’ & ‘hate monger’.

The history of Islam is one of razia, ghazwat; genocidal conquest.  Turn to Guillaume’s The Life of Muhammad, which you can purchase at Amazon and see for yourself  how Moe spent his life: raiding, raping & plundering. I do not ask you to take my word for this, I tell you to read it for yourself and learn the truth.  Someone with far more patience than I have scanned the book and uploaded it to the Internet Archive. It is in the form of 432 .jpg  files, each containing two pages. It can be read with Irfanview and other software.  So that you may know that my testimony is true, I did a little searching. The life of Muhammad contains:

  • word counts
    • raid: 321
    • conquest: 30
    • terror: 35
    • killing: 92

The scripture of Islam: Noble Qur’an, is full of the sanctified & mandatory conquest.

  • word counts: Surahs containing
    • fight: 21
    • terror: 7
    • kill: 32
    • superior: 9

The codified oral tradition of Islam contains ‘books’ of jihad & expedition.

  • word counts: “books” containing [Sahih Bukhari]
    • fight: 54
    • jihad: 19
    • kill: 51
    • victory: 25
    • superior:  28

Those who are not familiar with my previous blog posts should refer to these for the disgusting details, fully documented.

Now read what Hector and his family have written. Share their horror, outrage & frustration. Find a way to do something about it and preserve ourselves from the same fate.

Mehwish Aleem January 2 at 2:50pm

On 21st of December, was daddy’s hearing and many Talibans from Peshawar gathered in the court and chanted slogans against daddy and they were holding the prisoner uniforms because daddy wasn’t convicted yet because only convicted people can wear the uniforms in prison. The judge went under pressure and he gave daddy a 7 years sentence and 50,000 Pakistani Rupees fine. I didn’t know why judge give him the sentence because there was no evidence and even the investigation officer wrote in his statement that he filed the case on an oral statement and he didn’t find any evidence against daddy neither he recovered anything (this case wasn’t the blasphemy case, it was one of those cases which were lodged after daddy’s arrest to prevent him from getting out of jail), God knows what is going to happen. I am so upset. I don’t know for how long we are going to ask for donation, I really want some money right now because when we go to the High Court we will file an appeal against this decision.
Due to lots of dangers we cannot study or work in Pakistan. And I don’t know for how long we have to suffer this. We cannot spend this precious time in sitting here and wait for people’s help. We really have to do something. Please put yourself in our shoes and you’ll understand everything. I don’t how daddy is going to tolerate this, He is a heart patient and two days back a prisoner died in prison because he had a heart attack and the doctor came after 04 hours. Prisoners are not safe in Adiyala you must have read about the kidnap of 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail. Anything could happen any time. We really need to do something
In the statement of the Investigation Officer, He said that he didn’t recover anything neither he had any proof and he has filed the case on an oral statement. After few days on another hearing daddy gave me a letter because we are not allowed to talk to him so he gave me a letter in which he wrote this.
Dear brothers and sisters
On 21 of Dec special central judge gave me 7 years imprisonment and said emotionally that
I DO NOT NEED ANY PROOF I TOOK THE REVENGE OF DR. AFIA SIDDIQUI, the investigation officer stated in his statement that the complainant didn’t give me any written or documentary proof. Neither I my self found any proof against Hector. I registered this case on oral statement.
Dear brothers and sisters Pakistan is very difficult country for minorities especially for Christians. If America attacks on Afghanistan or Iraq, Pakistani Muslims burn and destroy our houses and churches and loot our valuables and properties. They put us in jail without any proof; judges give their decisions against Pakistani Christians and give them death sentences without any proof. It is so surprised that we are born in Pakistan but still we are not Pakistani, Muslims always thinks and says that we are American or European agents’ on the other hand American and European government thinks that we are untouchable creatures. They don’t allow us in their embassies, they hire Muslims in their embassies, they do not issue visas to Christians, and they do not raise their voice in our favor. My brothers and sisters, is there any third option for me and for my children? I am in jail since 2 years, my wife and kids are hiding their selves. They are not safe in Pakistan. My sons are not going to schools and my both daughters and wife cannot do any job. They are educated persons they can earn money but they cannot because of danger they are facing. How can my family survive? No one is ready for their financial support. American and European countries support and give financial help to Islamic NGOs and people and countries but the Islamists always like to help Talibans. Its time to wake up. Please do something for your Christian brothers and sisters and all Christians who are suffering in Pakistan. There are so many Christians in Pakistan who are suffering but you don’t know about them. We are not allowed any facilities or to go to the Church or to read Holy Bible here but you give them proper places to worship in your countries even they are allowed to use loud speakers in mosques but we aren’t allowed to raise our voice for destroyed church.
Wake up brothers and sisters wake up.

Hector Aleem

This is so very upsetting if the judge is making up this case and compare it with Dr. Affia’s case, than this thing is very serious now. Now I know why he gave my father this sentence. This shows his grudge and discrimination for Christians.

I know I must have been very irritating for you but I really really want some money. We are going to the High Court for the dismissal of this decision and we really need money to file the application in the High Court.
I have stopped living in fantasies. Now I am ready to run daddy’s mass campaign I am just fed up of this because most of the people don’t read e mails and I cannot afford phone calls to different countries because it’s too expensive. It is very difficult to ask for donation again and again. We have been paying our lawyer through donations since April 2010. How long will people give us? This is so difficult now. If nothing happens (I wish something must happen) than it would be difficult to live and doing nothing for seven years. Please pray for us and if any of you have any suggestion or any second option than please tell me. I really am upset now.

For donating through Pay Pal here’s the link

And if any of you cannot send through Western Union than you can contact me I’ll tell you details.


Mehwish Aleem

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