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Hector Aleem Update 7-20

These are the two most recent updates to the case of Hector Aleem.  This tragic story  illustrates the absolute evil of blasphemy laws which the OIC is trying to impose upon the entire world.

July 20 at 1:32pm

Dear Group members

I am very sorry that I didn’t update you on time. so here is the update of Hector’s case.

1- Our lawyer who was working for us has ran away and after that we found another lawyer who is a Supreme Court lawyer and he has taken our case. When he took our case he told me that first of all he will make Hector out than we will give him his fee but as soon as he took our case he started demanding high fee as he is a SUPREME COURT LAWYER. That is why the amount is bigger than before. I know those who has donated for the previous lawyer do not like this but believe me we are more upset and our case which is very dangerous that even lawyers feels uncomfortable and no organization has helped us that is why we have to do all this alon.

2- Fee receipt of the lawyer is attached but this time I am being more careful. But still we have to collect donations. Do donate any amount you can and if you have already donated than please tell your friends to donate.

3- 22 July is the date of petition filed by our lawyer in High Court. We hope that our FIR ( first information report) will be quashed (cancelled) by the high court judge because it was filed illegal because an individual cannot lodge the blasphemy FIR. A senior officer is supposed to be the plantiff in the blasphemy case and before lodging it he has to investigate the case properly.

4 – As you know that two brothers from Faisalabad having same case i.e. Blasphemy case were shot dead yesterday in Faisalabad – Pakistan and no Police Officer did anything in fact they supported the killer in shooting the victims. Because the killer was only one guy and Police men were many in number but still those two brothers were killed. The reason to tell you this is Hector Aleem is arrested in that false blasphemy case and this case is the most dangerous case in Pakistan. A person can be killed by anyone anytime. So please pray for Hector Aleem’s safety and also do write to Pakistani Government for his safety.

5 – Finally please donate any amount you can, because hopefully this maybe the last time we are collecting donation for Hector Aleem. Please pray for the quashment (Cancellation) of the FIR. You can donate through any way, you can either donate through pay pal or through western union. If you wanna donate through pay pal then follow the link given below and if you can donate through western union then contact Mehwish Aleem (in the group admin).

Here is the link for the pay pal:

Kausar Aleem
Wife of Hector Aleem

Misbah Aleem July 22 at 5:47pm Reply
Ty brothers and sisters……..Today we went to the court but the lawyer of opponent party was not ready and he asked for some time. On the other hand our lawyer did an awesome job, he raised many legal points and judge was very impressed by our lawyer and Judge was on our side. But there were many Mullahs and they began to shout slogan against Christianity…….they were shouting “DEATH TO CHRISTIANITY” After the hearing we ran away from the court and hid ourselves in an office of our lawyer’s friend. When the coast was clear we came back to home. We ran away from the court because we heard one of them saying that we must do something to Hector’s family to teach that bloody infidel some lesson. We need more prayers……….Thank you once again for praying.

Now next hearing is on 26 July 2010, we got some time till Monday so please pray more and more for Daddy (Hector Aleem) and please all those who are bloggers please submit this story in your blog and tell your other blogger friends. And those who can donate, please donate for the fee of this lawyer. I know the fee is very high but he works really good, I have seen him today he is very brave and bright.

You can donate through Western Union, If you wanna donate through Western Union then please contact Mehwish Aleem (In Admin list). And if you wanna donate through Pay Pal then please follow the link given below.

Here is the link to Pay Pal: Please donate here:

Another Request: Those who are Pastors please tell your Church about Hector Aleem. Please just pray for 5 minutes and I hope that God will listen your prayers. Thank you everyone for your support, You have supported us this far we all love you. We have already told Hector Aleem about you people and he is very happy to know that there are many people who are praying for him and are supporting him.

God Bless You All
Misbah Aleem
Daughter of Hector Aleem

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3 Things You Should Know About Islam

This video probably won’t be up long, but it has been saved and is being reposted elsewhere.  It states the most vital facts about Islam at a fairly high level of abstraction, leaving the reader with the task of researching the details.

I want you to watch this video and tell your friends and family to watch it.  I want it to go viral before it is pulled down  by the intolerant, bigoted forces of obscurantism.

For those who prefer the short course: refer to my blog post:  What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims?

The Qur’an is the foundational text of Islam. It is approximately one third as long as the Bible. It  contains much redundancy, little context and no chronology.
Reading Surahs 2,3 &4 is essential to understanding Islamic jihad & misogyny.  The second Surah deals mainly with defensive & retaliatory fighting.  Surahs 8 & 9 contain the imperatives for global conquest.  Surahs 47, 48 & 61 add some important reinforcing details.

The Qur’an is available free on line in many languages, translations and formats.  The Muslim Student Association at USC hosts three parallel translations: Pickthall, Shakir & Abdullah Yusuf Ali without commentary.

The Skeptic’s Annotated Quran presents Pickthall’s translation with a graphic index in the right sidebar.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation is available with his  commentary at altafsir.

The King Fahd Complex hosts  the Hilali & Khan translation with commentary. That translation includes parenthetical    expressions from three tafsirs. it is reputed to be 95% accurate, excepting only the terms “fight” and “marry”.  In the former case, the true expression is fight and kill, in the latter case, it is a common obscenity.

Maududi’s translation & commentary displays the Arabic text, English translation & explanation and offers Arabic recital for those who want to know what it sounds like.

Hadith are sayings, observations made by Muhammad’s companions.  They help to confirm and explain the Qur’an and form half of the basis of Shari’ah.
USC-MSA hosts abridgments of four of the six canonical hadith collections.  Sahih Bukhari is considered the most authentic. Its books of Jihad, Khumus & Expedition contain most of what you need to know about jihad.

Tafsir are explanations of the Qur’an, verse by verse. Other verses and hadith  form the basis of tafsir.  Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir is the most widely accepted.  Qtafsir has an alpha-numeric search engine so that you can look up a verse by its Surah:Ayeh numbers.  In several cases, the topic titles will tell everything you need to know.  Here are a few samples. Click them to read the topics at

Umdat as-Salik is the all purpose Shafi’ite handbook of Shari’ah: Islamic law. It was translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller as Reliance of the Traveller, a 1250 page book. That had to be a pure labor of love.  It is divided into books, each named with a  single letter.  Book O treats of justice. Chapter 9 details the law of jihad.  From my point of view, it is the most important part of the book.   Book M treats of marriage. Open it to 3.13  for a real eye opener.

Maktabah has a pdf version of Reliance that  you can search.  Here are some extremely relevant samples for readers with less intense curiosity.

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Get Real, Jeffrey

One of my Google Alerts brought up  this garbage:

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) condemns such calls for hatred against any identity group, any religion, and R.E.A.L. rejects calls by those who seek to deny anyone’s freedom of religion and freedom of worship.

We urge all those who hate to release the burden of hate from their hearts, and respect their fellow human beings and our universal human rights.
I was not able to find the wall post of which they complain. The older posts link was not functioning.  The complaint  concerns a wall post on SIOA’s Facebook page. The post linked to a blog post about  legal considerations for banning Islam.

A quick visit to the About Us link  discovered a familiar name: Jeffrey Imm.   I have read several articles written by him about Islamic supremacism, and I agreed with them.

Founder’s Summary:
Our non-partisan group is focused on a consistent support of our universal human rights in all parts of the world, with emphasis on these four areas:
– 1. ensuring religious freedom and pluralism / defying religious supremacism
– 2. supporting racial harmony / defying racial supremacism
– 3. supporting gender equality / defying misogyny
– 4. defending human liberty / defying totalitarianism
It is not possible to oppose supremacism, misogyny & totalitarianism without opposing Islam.  Those three evils are all intrinsic and foundational to Islam.
Allah demands that Islam be made superior; dominant over all religions.  That objective is to be obtained by  offensive warfare.  That warfare is the foundation of the relationship between Allah and Muslims.

Islam is a way of life: jihad– predation upon the human race.  If Muslims abandon jihad in favor of productive pursuits, Allah will curse them and not  lift the curse until they return to jihad.  Aggressive warfare, genocide & terrorism are intrinsic sacraments of Islam.

Islamic law requires a minimum of one or two military attacks on disbelievers in every year, failing only in a year when Islam lacks sufficient men or material.

“The least that the imam must do is that he allow no year to pass without having organised a military expedition by himself, or by his raiding parties, according to the Muslims’ interest, so that the jihad will only be stopped in a year for a (reasonable) excuse.”

If none of those concerned perform jihad, and it does not happen at all, then everyone who is aware that it is obligatory is guilty of sin, if there was a possibility of having performed it. In the time of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) jihad was a communal obligation after his emigration (hijra) to Medina. As for subsequent times, there are two possible states in respect to non-Muslims.

The first is when they are in their own countries, in which case jihad (def: o9.8) is a communal obligation, and this is what our author is speaking of when he says, “Jihad is a communal obligation,” meaning upon the Muslims each year. [Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9.1]
Islam is  misogynistic; women are property, literally fields to be plowed.  Women  inherit half as much as men, A woman’s testimony is given half the weight of a man’s.  Islam permits wife beating.

Islam is totalitarian, it encompasses the entirety of human life, dictating everything from conception to burial.  Only Allah has the right to be worshiped.
Only Allah has the right to rule.

Do you have a right to live?  If so, then others have an obligation not to kill you.  If you are a not Muslim and are not living as a dhimmi under a treaty of protection in return for paying extortion, then Islam is at war against you.  Your blood and property are not sacred to Muslims.

Do you have a right to worship or not as you choose?  If so, then  others have an obligation not to interfere with your worship.  But Muslims are obligated to fight you until only Allah is worshiped; until Jews and Christians are subjugated and extorted.

Islam is 180° out of phase with the values of Western Civilization. If it can’t defeat us militarily, it will out breed us and defeat us demographically.  Recent shootings, attempted bombings and vehicular assaults should be a clue for you.

Islam is not divisible; Muslims can not pick and choose the parts they like, they must accept the whole package.  Islam is incapable of reform because the Qur’an is Allah’s perfected word which can not be changed.

We need to get rid of Islam.  So long as Islam wears the false mantle of religion, the free exercise clause of the First Amendment protects it.  Only an amendment to the Constitution can remove that camouflage and enable Congress to outlaw Islam.

Here is something you can do:  Outlaw Islam! Amend the U. S. Constitution to exclude Islam from the definition of religion. Copy the blog post with the petition text, signature link, and links to the evidence presented. Paste it into an email and broadcast it widely!!

There is something else you can do: demand enforcement of international human rights law.

Article 20

  1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.
  2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

The Qur’an is an egregious violation of those provisions,  it can not be changed, so Islam must be outlawed.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Article 3

The following acts shall be punishable:

  • (a) Genocide;
  • (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
  • (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

8:67, which states that a Prophet must make a great slaughter before ransoming captives and 47:4, which directs Muslims to kill and wound “many of them” are obvious violations of 3(c) as  the infamous genocide hadith.

Our only recourse is to demand that the World Court enforce those provisions, proscribing Islam by law. That is the mission of the  International Qur’an Petition.   If you love life and liberty, you will sign the International Qur’an Petition, copy it, paste it into an email, and send it to everyone you can hope to influence with an exhortation to sign and forward it.

While Muslims have a ‘right’ to practice Islam, all our rights are forfeit.  It is not possible that there can be a right  to attack, kill, rape, enslave and plunder.

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