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An Apostate Finks on Allah

Norman Hooben posted a video which must be shared. Lets make this one go viral.  It shows an interview, conducted in Arabic with
Mosab Hassan Yousef, the apostate son of a Hamas leader.  Fortunately for us, it has English sub titles.

I could argue about a few details,  but, on the whole,  what he  says about Allah & Moe is accurate.  Note the intensity of the interview subject; he was fixed directly on one central idea: the evil nature of Allah, Moe &  Islam.  There is no knowledge like inside knowledge.

Observe the  interviewer’s reaction, he appears to swoon from shock.

Now you have an abstract  impression of the reality of Allah & Islam.  Is it true? What is behind it?  The answer to these questions is to be found in Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition & exegeses.    The Sira is  one of the best exposures, but it is difficult  to find and expensive.  One appendix to The Prophet of Doom includes a fair selection of quotes from Tabari & Ishak.  The topic linked is “fighting”.  Others are linked in a menu in the right sidebar.

Of course, you want the unfiltered facts.  Your next recourse is to  authentic translations of  Islam’s canon.  Hilali & Khan  did the translation for the  Qur’an found at the King Fahd Complex.  Their translation includes parenthetical  expressions from tafsir. You will find relevant ahadith in many of their footnotes.  The link is to the beginning of Surah Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War).   Copts fluent in  Arabic and English inform me that this translation is 95%  accurate. The inaccuracies are deliberate. Where the Qur’an says fight, the true word is kill.  Where the  Qur’an says marry, the true word is a four letter obscenity beginning with f.  If any doubts arise, look up the questionable verse at which displays a table of ten parallel translations.

In the unlikely case of ambiguous verses that require  deciphering, look them up in Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir at .  Hadith,  relevant oral testimony from Moe’s companions, will help by  confirming and verifying the obvious.  Sahih Bukhari is considered to be the most authentic of the hadith collections. Its books of Jihad, Khumus and Expedition are the most significant.

If you prefer  a cherry picked reference,  concentrating on the bloody parts,  EgregiousAyat.chm is for you: a Windows  help file containing the most egregious ayat & ahadith with a significant sample of relevant tafsir from Ibn Kathir. Its chapter on Islamic Law is a real eye opener.


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