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Indonesia: Blasphemy Law Abuse

From time to time, documents from IHEU, Freedom House,  and similar non-governmental organizations will make reference to the abuse of blasphemy laws to deny the human rights of religious minorities.   An  editorial in the Jakarta Globe, from December 30, is a case in point.

The article calls for the government and religious leaders to take “concrete and substantial steps” to stop the abuse of “religious freedom in Indonesia”. The editorial calls for amendments to the laws and reform in their enforcement.  The specific reference is to ” article 156a of the Criminal Code.

Jakarta Globe 12/30/09
Abuse of Religious Freedom Hurts Indonesia And Renders God Defenseless

Interestingly, the government often has turned a blind eye when radical Islamic groups violate this very article. Most of the “deviant” sects and individuals charged under this law practiced their beliefs peacefully, yet it has been conservative groups like the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the Indonesian Mujahideen Council (MMI) that have incited hostilities against these very groups. If the government was to enforce this law strictly and without bias, those conservatives and radicals proven guilty of spreading hatred against humanity through demonstrations, raids, religious gatherings or jihadi Web sites would have been put behind bars long ago.

Such a change would require revision of the 2006 civil registration bill that requires Indonesian citizens to identify their religion on their national identity cards (KTP). The category for religion could either be removed entirely, or people from minority groups could finally be allowed to acknowledge their real beliefs. This would decrease religious discrimination against those whose beliefs lay outside of the country’s six recognized religions. On this note, the government could further promote religious freedom by no longer officially acknowledging only six religions, but by embracing the multitude of religions and beliefs practiced in Indonesia.

The government also must address the violation of religious freedom and human rights made possible by the existence of religious institutions such as the Coordinating Board for Monitoring Mystical Beliefs in Society (Bakor Pakem) and the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI). Tasked with monitoring and resolving instances of deviant interpretation of religious doctrine, Bakor Pakem’s authority has increased state intervention in religious issues in a way that clearly violates the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

Those excerpts from the editorial are sufficient to clarify the issue of undesired side effects of  “defamation of religion” resolutions and the proposed protocol to ICERD.  The UNHRC is scheduled to take up these Issues March 23.  Now is the time for us to make our objections known.

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Crocodile tears from the parents of Jihad Jamie?

Alec Rawls  has issued another blogburst, this one reports on
an interview with the parents of  another native born mujahid.
Unfortunately, the WSJ interview which serves as Alec’s
source is not entirely clear.  We don’t know the circumstances
surrounding  either conversion involved in the story nor do we
have clarity on when Ms.
Paulin-Ramirez  broke off contact with her family and left

Unlike Alec, I am not comfortable in
judging the sincerity of Ms.
Paulin-Ramirez’s mother and step father with the  limited
information available.  I pass this through to you, and
will let you make your own judgment in the fullness of time
as more information becomes available.

There is a moral to this and other
militant convet stories.  Anyone who is dabbling in Islam with
a view toward adopting it should read the Qur’an and Sahih Bukhari so
as to become sufficiently familiar  to understand the cult’s
doctrines and practices.   Anyone who has a female relative
who is socializing with male Muslims should make certain that she
is  aware of the Islamic attitude toward women.  I
suggest downloading and sharing this flyer: Islamic

tears from the parents of Jihad Jamie?
Alec Rawls noticed something not quite right about Jihad Jamie’s
mother and father. Compare these two snippets from their Wall
Street Journal

Ms.Paulin-Ramirez’s interest in Islam “came out of left field,” said her mother, Christine Holcomb-Mott, in an interview at her home Friday, wearing a blue sweatsuit with a silver cross around her neck.

How out of left field?

Mr. Mott, a convert to Islam himself, says he went
to Denver to find his stepdaughter but couldn’t track her down.

This woman is married to a Muslim, but neither she nor her husband can grok where in the world their murder-plotting daughter/step-daughter ever got exposed to this worrisome religion that subducts so many of its followers into terrorism.
Their disgust at daughter Jamie sounds sincere, but their
blatant dishonesty about how she could have gotten interested in Islam suggests otherwise. It is possible, however, that the Journal‘s
paraphrase is not precise. If put on the spot, Holcomb-Mott would
likely clarify that she has no idea how her daughter ever got
interested in murder-cult Islam.

There is a way that this could actually happen: if Mr. Mott is some
kind of multiculturalist do-gooder who converted to Islam in sympathy
with the idea that “Islam was hijacked too” on 9/11. Such a person
could have converted without comprehending the well established Islamic pedigree of violent aggressive jihad.

Don’t scoff. This same “Islam is a victim too” sentiment is right now
allowing a giant Mecca oriented crescent
to be built on the Flight 93 crash site. After all, it would just be
too horrible to reject the Crescent of Embrace memorial simply because  it is in the shape of a giant Islamic crescent, not when Islam itself was amongst the victims on that terrible day. No, we must do the opposite and embrace Islam.

If Mott is thinking the same way, he has hardly gone any further than
the Memorial Project. But then it seems that his step daughter took one step further still and actually read the Koran, with its endless
commands to slaughter the unbelievers. Thus did an unhappy misfit
finally find a home for the vicious vindictiveness that the religion of
her birth had kept in check.
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join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Facebook Boycott Canceled

While I was composing a new post about the proposed boycott, a message came in announcing the Restoration of the Ban Islam Facebook Groups. Facebook has sent the group’s creators a message stating that the closure resulted from a technical glitch.

“Ban Islam!!” & “Ban Islam” have been back for several days, much to the relief of the membership. The latest news is that the creator of “Ban Islam ” is closing the group due to time constraints, it seems that he is overloaded.

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To My Loyal Readers

I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond my control, my blogging will be interrupted, perhaps permanently. I obtained my telephone and internet access through my employment Due to economic conditions beyond our control, my employer is closing the business.

It is expected that I will be incommunicado as of Wednesday, March 17. ’10. I will investigate the possibility of obtaining a high speed wireless connection , which may be beyond my reach economically.

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