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Sign the petition for immediate certification & swearing in o
Tea Party Express is promoting a petition effort insisting that Scott Brown be immediately seated in the U.S. Senate.  Their petition has accumulated 27,000 signatures, it needs more.

Please add your signature to mine, copy this blog post and email it to everyone you can influence. The Democrats are desperate for a way to delay and nullify Brown’s vote in the Senate.  We must be more insistent on the immediate certification of the vote and swearing in ceremony so that Brown can begin executing the voter’s will.

Two exit polls were conducted, the results from one of them have been published.  This is how Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates summarized their analysis of the results.

  • Plurality of Brown voters said their vote was meant to send a message to Washington – not a vote for Brown’s candidacy
  • Voters desire to send a message was so strong, Brown is elected despite President’s higher than average image and job approval ratings and dismal job ratings for Congressional Republicans
  • Brown scored big with Independents and even edged Coakley with Union Households
  • Tea Party Movement gets mixed reviews, but Brown got overwhelming majority among its supporters
  • Despite Brown’s victory, GOP shouldn’t start dancing yet as their Congressional job approval is still dismal among Independents

poll results reveal the fact that one single message was being sent above all others.

“What SINGLE issue ABOVE ALL OTHERS helped decide your vote in this Senate Race today?”

Total Republicans Democrats Independents
Health care reform 48 55 50 45
Economy 5 4 4 5
Time for a change//Wanted someone new 5 4 2 7
Democrats//Want a Democrat//Supports Obama 4 8 3
Abortion 3 1 3 4
Republican//Want a Republican//Opposes Obama 3 6 2 4
Like Coakley//Dislike Brown//Agree with Coakley’s policies 3 1 4 2
Taxes 3 7 1 3

Opposition to Obama Don’t Care was at the top of the list, overshadows the other issues.

“What was the MOST important reason why you voted FOR Scott Brown today?”

Healthcare Stance/ Against Healthcare Reform 39 40 40 38
Republican/ Dislike Democrats/ Oppose Obama 17 21 17 16
Dislike Other Candidate/Coakley 17 9 24 19
Agree With Policies 12 12 15 11

The electorate of Massachusetts sent a clear political message.  The Democrats are seeking a way to ignore that message. It is up to us to backup those voters and reinforce their clear message. We can do that by signing and promoting the Tea Party Express petition demanding the  immediate certification and swearing in of Senator elect Scott Brown.

That senate seat has been monopolized by the Democrats for nearly fifty years. Democrats outnumber Republicans among registered voters in Mass.  That fact adds great emphasis to the electoral message. We have one way to make that message more emphatic, lets do it now!


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