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Sponsored by an Australian political party, Climate Sceptics [their spelling],  this presentation contains absolutely vital information which you need to see. It displays graphs which explicitly and clearly contradict the false assertions of the  plunderers and how much they are plotting to steal from Australians.  The same logic applies to the Cap & Tax scheme proposed by Obamination.

I received a Powerpoint presentation by email.  The Sceptics’ web site offers the same information in a 4mb pdf file. We must strike while the iron is hot, while the Democrat Party machine is reeling from the effects of the special election in Massachusetts. Now is the time to tell your friends about the availability of free scientific information about the global warming issue.

We need to apply pressure to the politicians. makes it easy to send an email to your Representative & Senators. All you need to know is your Zip Code. Just copy and paste this url into your email: .

This is a prime example of the information contained in the report. Notice the large area of divergence between CO2 producing fuel consumption  and temperature.

Graph showing divergence between fuel consumption and temperature.

The graph makes one fact obvious: global temperature is not a direct function of fossil fuel consumption.  The graph below  makes it clear that global temperature is not a direct function of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.
Graph of CO2 vs temperature

I want you to click this link to view the full report, then  use the url included in the previous paragraph to share it with your legislators and friends.  This may be our last best chance to stop the plundering of our economy, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

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