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Obama Don’t Care: Last chance to Stop It!

Grass Fire Nation is ramping up its final emergency petition campaign to stop Obama Don’t Care. They are seeking 50,000 more signatures on their petition to be delivered within the next two weeks.  This may be your last chance to sign on to their petition demanding NO! votes on legislation that will lead to loss of liberty, the destruction of our medical care system and both personal and national bankruptcy.

Please click this link and add your name to the  petition.  If the machine fails to steal enough votes from Scott Brown  in the  Massachusetts  Senate race,  there will be increased pressure on Congress to heed our objections to that potentially fatal legislation.  Let us strike now,  while the iron is hot and may begin to soften.  Hope will live right up to the final cloture vote in the Senate. Lets do everything we can to keep that hope alive! Your petitions will be hand delivered to your Representative and Senators. makes it easy to send an email to your Representative & Senators. You don’t need to know their names or district numbers, you only need to know your Zip Code.  Enter it and click the Federal Officials link, then  fill in the simple form.

Don’t just say NO! when you can say HELL NO!!! You don’t need to write it yourself, just paste in this link to the biggest, brightest, boldest  execration possible within the format of the blog where  the message is posted.

<a href=””>the bottom line</a>

If you want a bureaucrat  between you and your doctor, if you want restrictions on your drug and procedural options, if you want to be told to go home and die quietly, then sit there and do nothing. If you want long waiting periods, shortages and denial of care, go back to sleep.  Otherwise, sign that petition and send those emails. Our health, prosperity and freedom depend on it!


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