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Conflicting Facebook Groups

Muslims have created another Facebook group demanding the deletion of Ban Islam!!, a 2,506 member Facebook group dedicated to exposing Islam to close scrutiny & criticism.   Ban Islam!! has 268 discussion threads, many with hundreds of posts. Some of those posts  amount to Islam basing, others are detailed and well documented.

There are two similar but smaller groups, BAN ISLAM and ban islam?!. Others groups have offensive words in their names.

Likewise, If one million people join, the group “ban islam” MUST be deleted has some competitors.

Muslims visit  Ban Islam!! and write on the wall. Here is a fresh sample.

  • u guys r all binch of losers. Hitler shld of done a better job killin you, nd you r wrong if u call him racist, YOU ARE THE RACIST!!!
  • islam is the best religion, i cant wait till u all burn in hell

Do you feel the love in those comments?  Muslim comments frequently include obscenities and threats.  When passions run hot, we  return the obscenities with our compliments.  Muslims can not tolerate truthful criticism of their cult.  What  do they have to hide; what is it they don’t want the world at large to know about?

So, how did Muslims assemble a group of more than 300,000 to boycott Facebook to get Koran Toilet Paper deleted?  How did they get more than 43,000 to unite against the Ban Islam group?  Three key words come to mind: dedication, intensity and organization.  The advocates of theocratic tyranny have those qualities, the advocates of liberty lack them. We have fallen asleep in the gap.  We must wake up, rouse ourselves and organize; otherwise, we will be defeated.

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