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Say NO! to Obama Don’t Care

Grassfire  has hand delivered 868,105 printed petitions against Obama Don’t Care to Senate offices. They want to increase that number to 1 million by Christmas.  With your help, they should be able to do it, and even surpass that objective.  At one point,  more than 2,400 people per hour were signing the petition.

You can do your part by clicking this link to sign the petition and following up by sending the link to everyone you can hope to influence.

If you  do not want the government to force you to buy  a policy of their choice, at a premium you can’t afford, make doctors leave the profession, create shortages, rationing & long waiting lines,  then speak up now, while prevention is possible.

If you want the government to decide who lives, who dies and when; what tests, drugs and treatments your family receives, then sit quietly by and do nothing.  Your children and grand children will suffer the consequences and curse you for it.

Now is the time to click that link and sign the petition.  After signing, go to , enter your Zip Code and click the Federal Officials link.  Paste this code into your email.

<a href=””>HELL NO!!!</a>

When your Representative or Senator clicks  that link,  it will display a brief  statement of objections to Obama Don’t Care & Cap & Tax. followed by a big, bold, bright execration that will leave no doubt about where you stand.

For best results, copy this blog post and paste it into an email to everyone you can hope to influence. Urge them to sign the petition, send emails to their Senators, and forward the email.

Act now, while the disaster can still be prevented. Once it sets in, reversal will be impossible.

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