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Connolly vs Robertson

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D.,Va., issued  the following statement in regards to comments made by Rev. Pat Robertson.

“In the week since Mr. Robertson’s statement that Islam is ‘not a religion’ but a ‘violent political system’ whose adherents should be treated like members of the communist or fascist party, I have heard from hundreds of outraged Northern Virginians – Muslim and non-Muslim. Here in the 11th Congressional District of Virginia and, in fact, across our Commonwealth, Muslim-Americans are a vibrant part of our communities. They serve in our nation’s military, contribute to our economic growth, and in myriad other ways, help form the diverse tapestry that is Virginia in the 21st century.

“Some will dismiss Mr. Robertson’s comments as the strange ramblings of a man stuck in a bygone era. But when a prominent Virginian chooses to engage in hate-filled rhetoric that divides us and has the potential to fuel real discord in our polity, leaders cannot remain silent. That is why I am calling on Mr. Robertson to apologize to my constituents – Muslim and non-Muslim – for the hurt he has caused and the damage he has done. It is a week overdue.”


The following is my own rough transcription of Rev. Robertson’s statement.

Worry about backlash but the truth is this guy was off his trolley and they should have gotten him out but nobody wanted to go after him because of political correctness.

We just don’t talk about somebody’s  “religion” even if the religion involves beheading infidels and pouring boiling oil down their throats. But he wasn’t hiding it.

I tell ya what should happen and I think is going to happen is the families of those soldiers who were killed have an absolute major lawsuit for damages against the United States government.

There was a failure there was a failure, they should have — as Senator Lieberman said, this man should have been gone — he should have been out of the service.

But just imagine, how a young man, brave defenders of the freedom we enjoy, having to sit in psychological evaluation in front of this man.   Just think what that means, think what this would do to their psyches.

It was a horrible chapter, but if we don’t stop covering up what Islam is–Islam is a violent– I would say religion but its not a religion, its a political system, its a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination. That is the ultimate aim and uh, they talk about infidels and all this but the truth is, that’s what the game is so you’re dealing with  a political system and I think we should treat it as such and treat its adherents as such as we would members of the Communist Party or members of some fascist group.

Well, its a tragedy, our hearts go out to the families who suffered but those in the army should be held to account for the fact that they let this man loose.

I will proceed to take  on Rev. Robertson point by point.

  • “this guy was off his trolley”

I do not agree; Major Nidal Hasan  is a Muslim, not insane. His act was motivated by the ideology of Islam imparted in the Mosque. If you doubt that fact, view  the slide show with which he illustrated a lecture on Islam. Muslims shout takbir when slaughtering sacrificial animals and going into battle. Nidal Hasan shouted it when he opened fire on unarmed colleagues. That cinches the matter.

  • “they should have gotten him out”

Blessed right; Hasan should have been cashiered and deported!

  • “even if the religion involves beheading infidels and pouring boiling oil down their throats”

Decapitating  disbelievers is Islamic, but drenching them with boiling oil is a reference to  one of the torments of Hell, not something to be done in this world.

  • “Islam is a violent”

An estimated 270*106 people have been slain by Islam in the last 1386 years. Is it peaceful or violent?  Allah commanded warfare against pagans and people of the book. Moe said that he was “ordered to fight“. One of his 86 wars was defensive, the rest were aggressive, on his initiative. Because of what Allah commanded and Moe exemplified, Shari’ah requires a minimum of one military expedition against Kuffar in every year. Islam is violent, Rev. Robertson is right.

  • “its not a religion, its a political system”

Islam is  not a religion,  neither is it a political system. Islam is a deen: a way of life. Islam prescribes everything from conception to burial. Its religious component: theology, cosmology, iman & salat are parts of a control mechanism used to motivate mujahideen to kill and be killed fighting, ostensibly to propagate Islam, in reality, to finance Moe’s lifestyle. If you doubt that fact, then read Islam’s Mercenary Mission.

Islam’s religion is jihad. Jihad is “to war against non-Muslims” [Reliance O9.0].  “Al-Jihâd (holy fighting) in Allâh’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islâm and is one of its pillar (on which it stands). By Jihâd Islâm is established, Allâh’s Word is made superior, (His Word being Lâ ilaha illallâh which means none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh), and His Religion (Islâm) is propagated.”  [Noble Qur’an, Hilali & Khan, footnote to 2:190.]

  • “bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination.

Islam divides the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb.  The former is where Allah’s writ runs. The latter is every where else; the land of war. In Al-Anfal 39, Allah commands Muslims to fight disbelievers until only Allah is worshiped, on a global scale. If any doubt remains, read these tafsir.

  • “treat its adherents as such as we would members of the Communist Party or members of some fascist group”

Muslims are not equivalent to Communists. Islam is at war against us, that makes them equivalent to the Barbary pirates of the 18th century or the Waffen SS of the 20th . They should be expelled, not recruited and promoted in the armed forces, FBI & CIA.

  • “that they let this man loose”

That is not what they did, they retained and promoted him to the rank of Major, enabling him to slaughter unarmed  enlisted men in a place where they had a right to feel secure. He should have been cashiered and  deported.

Muslims residing in Virginia complained to Rep. Connolly, who, in turn issued his statement, which was reported by the Augusta Free Press, where you can read a sampling of public opinion on the issue. From my point of view, complaining to a Member of Congress was the wrong response. Offended  viewers should have responded to Rev. Robertson or through blog & forum posts or CAIR.

Rev. Robertson’s truthful statement of fact is not the proper subject of government action. He has a First Amendment right of free expression, which entitles him to speak the truth about Islam.

In  making his inappropriate statement, Rep. Connolly was acting as a follower, not a leader. In doing so, he pandered to a vocal and demonstrative minority which does not have this nation’s best interests at heart.  I do not find any “hate-filled rhetoric” in Rev. Robertson’s remarks. Instead, I found truthful statements of fact. Instead of division and discord, Rev. Robertson spoke truth: adherents of radical Islam should be discharged from our military services before they  take the opportunity to murder our servicemen.  The same truth was spoken by Major Hasan in his lecture to fellow students.  Evidently someone was not paying proper attention before the fact. Rep. Connolly should have paid proper attention after the fact.
Thanks and a tip of the hat to Christopher L. of Islam In Action.

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